Some People Shouldn’t Have Children

This guy had forced me to wakeup from my self-imposed Rip Van Winkle; was it possible I had overlooked human life on this Late Great Planet Earth????
I wasn’t holding my breath on the possibility of what was implied; that True Unconditional Love had somehow survived, and finally decided the time to show itself was now. For this to happen, there had to be human life, because as far as I know, love has never inhabited even 1 of the human-shaped plastic people.
I have been wandering this barren waste land, since the first day a young man(most probably near half my age) restored my faith that the human race might somehow survive.
Now I return, to possibly catch just one glimpse of this young man, although the question of how this young man came to possess the wisdom of very few at twice his age, will haunt me the rest of my days on this Late Great Planet Earth