Sweet Dreams are Made of These

In the pursuit of a feel-good society, where I, I, I, me, me, me, is all that’s important, we lost something along the way….. OUR CHILDREN!!!! They are standing in a court room, being tried as ADULTS because WE FAILED THEM!!!! Then there’s the others that hadn’t been caught yet; we can make this nice and orderly with lines and groups like the first group have, like finger-print lines, bookin lines, chow lines,etc.. Ok, now part of them will be in the .. OH I KNOW, the Al Capone line, that fits since most of them think they’re some kind of gangster, but these will be in hospital lines getting their coctails and shots, OH YEAH, THIS IS THE AL CAPONE LINE, you knew he died of syphlis or some kind of STD didn’t you???? Now don’t go getting mad at me I DIDN’T GIVE IT TO THEM, AND MY BOYS DIDN’T EITHER, I know because my Boys – ALL 4 OF THEM, ARE MEN NOW, GOOD MEN!!!! So you get where I’m going with this.
I didn’t let my Television babysit my boys, I didn’t let My War Horse or My Pickup babysit my boys(and I dang sure didn’t let one of My Boys die by his self in a Hundred and Fifty Degree vehicle!!!! While we’re at it, I didn’t turn My Boys loose and not know where they were and have an eye on them. I can just imagine some of these non-parents, “I decided to save for somekinda widget, Joe old buddy, so I said to heck with the babysitter, because I noticed the new neighbor is always watching all the kids in the neighborhood. So I just know he would enjoy having a couple of more to watch”….
People, it is time we took Our Children off the street, away from the Child Predators, and taught them the ABCs of being a GOOD NEIGHBOR, BEING A GOOD CITIZEN, and BEING PART OF A FAMILY.
Come on, we all start early on a New Years Resolution