Our New Friends, FB and The Family Place

Adopt-a-Shelter-Needs-2014-11-5- (1476-7)Holidays are the time to open our hearts, in a wise manner

Good Morning!  This is a very heart-felt moment for myself, I am Aida, Editor for NOT IN MY WORLD!

We are joined by Our New Friends here at WordPress, and I am very happy to tell the many who have Followed us here that we have a name for you.  It is the name we go by, OUR CIRCLE!  In such a short time, we are over a hundred strong, but all the many hours of almost non-stop work have paid enormous dividends.

As of this morning, we have a FaceBook page also!

I want to take this unexpected opportunity to introduce two (2)  Organizations who are now Our Friends, Ark of Hope for Children and The Family Place.

The Ark of Hope for Children is a Child Abuse specific Organization, as we are. and have a very powerful mission statement.  “Breaking the chains of Abuse for those victimized as Children by human trafficking, Child Abuse and Bullying to lead them into lives filled with Faith, Hope and Love.”  They are already in Our Circle on G+ and we will be joining with them on FaceBook.

The Family Place, whose mission statement brings a sense of security to victims of Family Violence, and many times probably Dangerous Environments, “Where Family Violence Stops.  “This is a Dallas, Texas-based Organization with a 24 hr crisis hotline,
Emergencey Shelter, Transitional Housing, Child Developement Center, a Safe Campus Center, Community Counseling, and Children’s Counseling, just to name a few of their services.

We want to urge everyone to please be sure the charity(s) of your choice is actually delivering an appropriate amount of service for each dollar taken in.  This is a matter of public record, so if anyone has a problem finding out this information on any Organization, we will help, or arrange qualified help to facilitate your request.

Now, we will post the first Holiday Drive for The Family Place on Our 3 sites. Thank You All, and now if ALL Our Circle will Put Your Arms Tightly Around Yourself And Hug Yourself Really Good, and say I Appreciate You! We Will Post This, The First Of It’s Kind, ON OUR 3 SITES.