Jumper cables for your search engine?

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Facebook, New Friends, and G+

I want to tell you all how much I appreciate you, I had mentioned before about my lack of experience as a writer, especially where more than 1 person looks and actually reads what I write. I neglected to mention another small area I’m short of experience. I had never been on FaceBook, I’d seen it but never had a profile. In fact my WordPress profile was the first.

We had no more got to Facebook when Robert decided to find Our new Friend’s page, Ark of Hope for Children on FB. It took only a minute to find, but when he did I will never forget the way the Man who writes with 2 swords looked, there was FIRE in his eyes.

Earlier this week, Robert replied to a comment by Crystal concerning his search engines, which he prides himself on.  Robert’s search results were being filtered, and there was NO doubt, as he looked up and down the row of posts, and not one matched Robert’s.

At this point, I feel it only fair to tell Our Circle that I always introduce the new members of Our Circle on the G+ page,  except the one time it slipped my mind, when it just had to be Mister Ark of Hope for Children, Mr Blair Corbett.  Could it have gotten any worst?  No…  but it did, because right at that moment, Mr Search Engine just happened to be standing close enough to see the look on my face, and right at that moment, I looked back at the list.

Yes I am still here, and being the forgiving, considerate person  I am,  I decided not to fire Robert.  I had all but decided on severe discipline, but realized what such a thing could do to the fragile ego of this MAN who fancied himself a kind of Zorro.  Can you imagine…

If Zor.. uh Robert mentions anything about sword fighting in the stable just ignore him, it’s probably a joke anyway.


10 thoughts on “Jumper cables for your search engine?”

    1. I’m not sure what you were expecting, so it’s a bit tough replying in a meaningful manner, although I can pigeon hole and just throw some answers at you, fair enough?
      If you mean a 3-ring Middle School Circus of Bullying, I’m sure it exists on some parts of G+, but no where near Our Circle
      Otherwise, I believe you get more in return, if you put more into it.
      I say this because due to several people in Our Circle, we have pulled differing types in and they have fit quiet well. You have to consider others, because each one of us has a Kind Of “Circle of Protection” around them. This is a buffer zone where your personal rights and beliefs end, and others begin. This is known as “Respect and Respecting the rights of others”.
      You failed to mention your age, and I hope you know I mean no disrespect.

    2. The Gospel of Barney, it seems that Zorro thinks very much of you, he’s on G+, follow the menu on Our Site, select MY WORLD, then Click on My World on Google+., sign in on Google, then you will find Mr Robert “Zorro” StrongBow in Our Circle on NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! page, add him to a circle, then hang on tight, he is highspeed. I suppose you know what a “Blackhorn” is don’t you? It’s a male White Buffalo, a Holy Man to be exact, the last, George Watchtaker, was his Uncle, the only man documented by the whites at being able to “bring rain”. Probably should bring your Douay-Rheims and KJV with you, you will find much to talk about.

      1. The Gospel of Barney, you have very little social media experience, am I right? If you leave a post on NOT IN MY WORLD !!!! G+ Page, he’ll get the message.

      2. Starting out, I located Robert Strongbull, I’ll see how life goes. My goals are less global I hope to receive my non-profit incorporation in December to do online counseling for rural Christian clergy their spouses, and perhaps expend to their congregations as I am able. I am limiting myself to MT,WA,OR,ID, and AK as I have lived in all those states and served in 3 of them. Rural clergy are front line caregivers, as I well know. Why I got licensed in Mental Health care first in NE, and now in MT I just renewed in MT I have dealt with incest and abuse victims and perpetrators first hand. Been stymied by the total lack of social services and their inadequate responses. I want to help the caregivers out here help others! This corner of the world is more than big enough for me to try to tackle in limited fashion!

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