I care, but…

Where would we be without you?

Look around you, what do you see?  Do you see a perfect world that you enjoy being a part of?  Do you see a world that is less than perfect, but you are content, so it’s not so bad?  Or do you see a world with misplaced priorities;  a world where Athletes are the Heroes, the Good Guys, even if they do sucker-punch their 100 pound Wife and knock her out in an elevator occasionally.  A world where the media hangs on every word of a Team Owner; a man your Children just possibly have noticed on the evening news, with his hands where they shouldn’t be on a woman who isn’t his wife.

So you DO CARE, you don’t like the inequalities that exist in the world as it is now;  but you have nothing to offer in the way of talent, you are uncomfortable and shy when it comes to speaking when more than one stranger is present.

Join the club, I just described me.  I was and still am, a bookworm, Ms Librarian, OK a nerd, I said it.  A short time ago, I was offered(?) a job as Editor of a G+ page for a group of people(strangers).  I was petrified, the first week it would seem to take half a day to type a very short post(OK, so I didn’t have to look these strangers in the eye, it seemed as if I was standing right in front of them), I would type 1 letter and then check to see if I had misspelled “a”, I was a nervous wreck by dinner every single night, and on the 3rd night was threatened with force feeding or a feeding tube by a certain tyrant.  But an unbelievable thing happened, these strangers were more than understanding, many were and still are there, day or night for me.(especially Bunny)

Then one day “she” joined Our Circle(“she” is actually 2 very different women, 1 is a brain, I just had to mention you Caroline), she was everything I ever daydreamed or imagined me being.  April was beautiful, talented, a very good parent, and even cared for others.(my 3 are actually at least 5, since I inherited 2 from my alter-ego and The Tyrant)

Please don’t mistake who I am intending this for, if you read each word, everyone mentioned and implied is who I am writing this for, but read on so you will know YOU TOO are desperately needed, to effect the change this world so badly needs.

I hesitate to think where we would be at this point in time without you.  A caring heart big enough, and with so much love, for everyone and every living thing in Our World, and you in  your GOD given caring way, already have all the above mapped and cataloged in your heart, which included this nerd.  You mean so much to me, and it is only right that I share at least a part of what Our Circle has been Blessed with. This is Our Circle’s April:


5 thoughts on “I care, but…”

  1. Not a nerd, bookworm yes, I was a nerd in the days of Commodore 64 and IBM’s 8088 MS Dos and 5 1/2 inch floppies. Dating myself a bit. I did not have a calculator in high school but a slide ruler. I did my first Master’s thesis on my father’s old manual Royal typewriter! As well as all my college papers. My library was three rooms of our house and my office at church until my stroke in 2009, Most of that theological library is in the custody of my niece Krysta an ordained American Baptist minister. I am down to two rooms and 8 bookshelves. Making a difference is why I went into ministry and into the US Army as a chaplain when the notion was highly unpopular in my denomination.

    Your words as always touch. I fight for right when and where I can. No cape, but a four footed cane!

    1. How much do you remember about the 8088, IBM, and 51/4″ floppies? I have 3 posts to do today, I think I can surprise you with what we are forced to endure, in fact very little difference.

      1. Some how I will either post this pic or I will get Robert to, but I can’t tell you what it is, if you were on Facebook, you could see it already.

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