Head Trauma?

2014-11-23-IrvingManChargedWithMurderIrving man charged with murder of girlfriend’s son

An Irving man is in jail in connection to a toddler’s death.

According to police, Michael Mercado, 25, was watching his girlfriend’s son alone on November 19 when he called 911, claiming 2 1/2 –year-old Dionicio Mendoza was having a seizure. The boy has no history of health issues.

Dionicio was transported to Children’s Medical Center Dallas and was placed on a ventilator. Police say he had obvious signs of trauma to the body, with injuries all over his body as well as internal injuries.

Police questioned Mercado on what had happened and say that what he said happened was inconsistent with the child’s injuries.

Dionicio had been on life support until Friday, when doctors scanned his brain and declared him dead. An autopsy has not yet been performed to determine the cause of death and they are preparing to harvest his organs.

Mercado was arrested on Friday and charged with capital murder. He is currently in the Irving Jail with no bond.

3 thoughts on “Head Trauma?”

    1. Good Morning Alan, I knew I would get someones attention. So far, this is all I can get, although I believe I will have what I want before the day is out.
      What I question is the “seizure” which could simply mean shaking, but if it is real trauma, then the question suddenly becomes “was the brain swollen”, then, if so, there is a mighty BIG chance that the hospital killed the boy for the organs.

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