Depressed and Angry

Never-ending Groundhog Day Revisited

Even though I hear his warnings, I refuse to get off this roller-coaster, at least for now, just 1 more time around.

Again I have postponed the post that was ready last night.  I can see the pool of bubbling acid in Our Lab, I know this because I see Dr Frankenstein across the movie set from me.  We always enjoyed the old scary shows when we were Children.  I might as well tell you that the bubbling acid is in my stomach.

The further I got into my post last night, the more upset I became;  from the first 5 minutes, I realized that this one instance of Indifference toward Endangered Children had lingered, and in fact, had festered like the unfelt bite of a Brown Recluse.

To find out that this instance of the irresponsible, getting paid for NOT doing their job, that WE, the taxpayer, still paid them even while they DIDN’T do what they were hired and expected to do, had lingered for over 9 months.

Little did I know, I was to discover that this one instance had gone undone, and had been covered up for OVER 20 MONTHS.

How many Children are dead because of this one instance….