Love, Indifference, Perception

UnEnlightened: When Perception Borderlines Judgemental

I’ve had the same best friend my whole life…. OK, that is not exactly true, since he was born after me.  Frank is my best friend, and even though I rub the Big Brother thing in quiet often, he has been there for me as much as I have been there for him.

We talk every day, and if the truth were known, we talk many times a day and night.  When we talk, there is never the thought that we are hearing anything less than the truth.

Frank is my partner in everything, except for what should be very obvious, so don’t even go there.  He reads everything I write here, in fact, he hears most of it before it is posted.

Recently, he brought something to my attention:  my perception of why so much Indifference toward Child Abuse existed.  He explained that if someone had grownup in the perfect world where Child Abuse didn’t exist, they would have no idea of how it would, or could affect someone.  But, he also said something else that hit home:  possibly some, or probably even many didn’t “remember”….

Then we just looked at each other, not having to say a word.  I could say, at this point, that each of us was remembering things known only to himself, but I can’t and won’t, and I won’t explain the meaning behind this.  I don’t mind telling you that I, for most of my life, forget things;  not on a daily basis, nor weekly, nor even monthly.  The odd thing is, it’s not just bad things, it’s almost like static memory in a computer, although this is not exactly the way it is.  But just to throw a monkey wrench into your examination table, I remember things far beyond of where “the top minds” say it is possible for a Child to recall.

What all the above means, and what I am trying to say is:

  • My perception borderlined being judgemental
  • Agape is alive and well in at least 2 human beings
  • I have never experienced an Eros relationship
  • Philia is alive and well in at least 2 very alive people
  • Storge has never not existed in this parent and child, not even for 1 millisecond