Our Children are In Need

Our Children are being held hostage by all the Violence that has become an everyday thing,  Our Children are being victimized by  Child abuse, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Human Trafficking, Neglect, and Bullying.  They are NOT being taught LOVE, HONOR, RESPECT, and DUTY, all the basic qualities necessary to be a GOOD CITIZEN and GOOD NEIGHBOR.

There is few good places that truly care about Our Children!!!!  The Child Services of Our States are dropping the ball.  But NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! KNOWS who has proven track records.  OUR FRIENDS spend the MOST PER DOLLAR on Our Children.  But more than that, Our Children are taken care of when they get there.

Today is #GIVINGTUESDAY, open your minds to what is happening to Our Children, Open Your Hearts because every Child deserves the chance to be safe, while growing up, so they have a chance to make this World a better place.  THIS is the best place to help Our Children for The Holidays.

Ark of Hope for Children

Ark of Hope for Children
PO Box 342, Alachua,FL 32615-0342
(386) 454-1280

email; hope@arkofhopeforchildren.org

“Breaking the chains of abuse for those victimized as children by human trafficking, child abuse and bullying to lead them into lives filled with faith, hope and love.”

Ark of Hope for Children brings care and awareness for those victimized as children by human trafficking, child abuse and bullying. We are a human rights organization with programs that provide care for, and awareness of, survivors without discrimination of any kind. As a Christian based nonprofit we focus on unconditional love and transformation to help victims become empowered survivors. We are a nonprofit organization, #59-3585457, with further information listed on Guidestar.org. Ark of Hope for Children acts as the umbrella over all of the following programs;

RemovingChains.org is our global live chat survivor support website with 12 topically focused chat rooms for group or private help. We provide listening and mentoring for all ages of survivors through specialized text only chat rooms. Examples include rooms for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse, Male and Female Survivors, Ritual Abuse, Trafficking Victims and more. We facilitate connections to the survivor’s local professionals such as therapy, law enforcement or legal aid while providing a growing library of self-help resources on our site. http://removingchains.org

UnChained Project is mobilizing internationally to bring local awareness and action for survivors within the region where they live. Regional awareness groups will help local survivors know they are cared about. These groups focus on survivors of child abuse, child trafficking and bullying and can provide support groups, awareness events, school meetings, and fundraising activities for Ark of Hope programs. A customized Facebook Groups is created for each region with an active leader and team members. http://unchainedproject.org

Harbourage Transitional Living Center of north central Florida provides short-term emergency placement for victimized females and males rescued from human trafficking or at risk of being trafficked. Survivors are protected, nurtured and empowered in our safe home-like environment. Assessments are made towards the best plan for their current and future needs, while mentoring and faith-based counsel provide immediate support. In addition a long-term shelter is planned to bring people from the point of victim to thriving, self-sufficient survivors. http://arkofhopeforchildren.org/programs/harbourage-child-trafficking-safe-homes 




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  1. A very informative and positive message… you do amazing work..children everywhere need help..as do adults to recover from their torments.. keep up the good work…

    1. Thank You Lynda, I appreciate the vote of confidence!!!! You are one of the original 20 of Our Circle, we have come a long way in a very short time. I appreciate all you have done to further this worthy endeavor.

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