RESPONSIBILITY – Parents Failure

Cheerleader loses spot to Bullys

**** I’d like to make an attempt to wake this world up before I tell  you that we lost another Child.

How many of you know what happened 73 years ago, Dec. 7, 1941????  A BULLY almost knocked our blocks off.  Now use your imagination for a minute: Standing in the Principal’s Office, little Japan says “It’s not my fault, YOU did nothing when little Adolf marched 32,000 soldiers and armed policemen into the Rhineland playground in March 1936…. “.

“If France had then marched into the Rhineland, we would have had to withdraw with our tails between our legs.” – Hitler

It’s no big secret that people are saying that the anti-Bullying programs are not working,  The “War on Drugs” has never worked.  Racism is still alive and well.  WHY????  Because it’s NOT the Children’s fault!!!!  RESPONSIBILITY is the missing attribute in a large percentage of adults since the beginning. I will say no more about Bullying being the fault of adults, there is a little box below to voice your objection, I DARE YOU.

We pick and choose when we will enforce the RULES we have set down.  THIS IS NOT GOOD PARENTING!!!!    We pick and choose when the RACE CARD is played.  GOD fearing citizens saw nothing wrong with forcing Women and Children back across the border, into almost certain Sexual Slavery.  Yet, a MAN and his accomplice ROBBED a store, then assaulted a CIVIL SERVANT in an attempt to take his weapon;  we all know the outcome, but are YOU objective enough to admit that Michael Brown was at fault, Oprah Winfrey is a racist, Al Sharpton is a racist AND incited a riot.  Before 2000, a Child was convicted of murder, despite the tainted jury, despite the fact that a BULLY physically attacked this CHILD multiple times, despite the fact that THIS NOW DEAD BULLY PROVIDED ILLICIT DRUGS TO CHILDREN IN AN ATTEMPT TO SEXUALLY ASSAULT THE FEMALE CHILDREN.  Remember what I said earlier, there is that little comment box right down below, but be warned, I WILL light you up if you say something in a hurtful, uncaring way.

12-year-old boy committed suicide after being bullied for being a cheerleader

ABC News10 reported that Ronin Shimizu, a former 6th grader enrolled at Folsom Middle School, was taken out of the school to be home-schooled after intense harassment from fellow students. According to Ronin’s friends and family, the harassment centered around Ronin being the only boy cheerleader for the Vista Jr. Eagles squad.

“He was bullied very badly,” Folsom student Riley Coleman told News10 as she teared up. “It’s not okay to bully people.”

The night after Ronin had taken his life, many families gathered at the Shimizu home to pay tribute. There were so many people who had showed up to mourn Ronin in the street that cars were unable to pass, said News10.

“So sad to know that people can hurt you that way,” student Allie Flahive said.

“I was devastated when I found out. I started crying,” said Ronin’s friend Grace Velander. “I’ve known him since 6th grade. Me and him had classes all last year together.”

Local parents showed empathy at the Shimizu home, as well as concern for their own children.

“He was just a sweet child. For him to feel that hopeless is heart-breaking,” said parent Cynthia Brown.

Another concerned parent, Stephanie Doherty, said, “I can’t imagine a child taking it to that level. I’ve had a son that’s been bullied. It’s so scary.”

Folsom Middle School Principal John Bliss emailed parents about Ronin’s death:

“Dear Folsom Middle families: I’m writing with a heavy heart today. By now you have heard about the tragic death of one of our former students. Ronin Shimizu briefly attended Folsom Middle last year as a sixth-grader, and this news has deeply saddened many of our students and staff who knew him.”

“Today we have and will continue to provide counseling and support to students and staff who need assistance dealing with their grief. And while do not know all of the circumstances surrounding Ronin’s passing, we will continue our work to maintain a safe, caring and positive school environment free from bullying and harassment.”

“I encourage you to talk to you child about how they are processing this news, what feelings they may be experiencing and if they need any help. In the meantime, please keep this student’s family in your thoughts during this difficult time. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

Thank you,
Principal John Bliss

The school district also released a statement:

“We are shocked and deeply saddened by this unspeakable tragedy, and our hearts go out to Ronin’s family during this difficult time. Many students, teachers and staff who knew Ronin remember him as a positive and outgoing child, and our school communities are truly grieving this loss today. We are moved by the outpouring of support from families and community members asking how they can help.”

Daniel Thigpen, Public Information Officer, Folsom Cordova Unified School District

News10 spoke with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Andrew Mendonsa, who explained that there is an increase in suicides among young people. “Unfortunately, what people don’t realize is that the younger you are, you don’t have a reference point that adults do. ‘Things get better. That’s just a bump in the road. Trust me life will get better.’ We have that as adults. As children, you don’t have that,” said Mendonsa. Mendonsa went on to state that social media has only made matters worse for the latest generation of young people battling against bullying. “Once it gets out there, it can be retweeted, or reblogged, or reposted numerous times, and it’s almost exponential that one person because ten, becomes a hundred, becomes a thousand.”

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  1. Consistency is key in parenting, teaching, and working with the mentally ill. Sticking to the rules. Rules that are logical, fair, and moral. It is the duty and responsibility of parents and adults in the case of children to enforce rules; and governments in the case of societies. Civic leaders are morally and ethically bound to promote obedience in the cause of general welfare, and “civil disobedience” if the government is unjust or immoral in its actions emphasis on “civil!” Go to jail in protest of the unjust law but commit no crimes!

    1. Alan, you tell me, is this just another NON-ISSUE being blown out of shape by the media and radicals???? And by radicals, I mean RACIST, Al Sharpton should be jailed, and prosecuted. In the Brown case and the NY City case, both men failed to do what they were plainly told to do by OUR CIVIL SERVANTS.
      I’m not sure if you’ve heard or read the story, but in St Louis a Bosnian Man and his wife(both white), was attacked by 2 african-americans and 1 half breed african-american-latino, the man protected his wife, however he received serious injury from being hit by hammers, from which he died. This is being labeled a NON-RACIAL crime.
      This is a clear case of anarchy and violence out of control, but if you think about it, it is a slap in the face to Law-Abiding Citizens who want a safe, peaceful, place to raise their Children and have a nice home with good friendly neighbors who have good family values.

      1. Robert I totally agree! It is a sad time in which we live to see what I put my ass on the line for twice just thrown away! I still know plenty of people in the military and they are totally demoralized by a lack of leadership!

      2. I pray daily for soldiers I confirmed, watched grow up, who serve in the Navy and Marine Corp, they give me hope as they understand duty, honor, country, I’ve done much online counseling with them for homesickness, dealing with the typical military BS, and the frustration of and Administration and president who does not care about them! Urging caution as there is a purge of Christians in our Armed Forces. As a former chaplain I know the regs on religion in the military and what to tell them to cite should they be given crap about practicing their faith.

        On a side note My non-profit status as a Christian online Counseling service is nearly approved. When it comes through I’ll drop you a note. I’d like to offer my services to NOTINMYWORLD.

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