Child Killed In Washing Machine

Joseph Blocker
Joseph Blocker

Texas Dad freed after son killed in washing machine

Joseph Blocker was facing capital murder charges in the death of his 4-year-old son, Koda, but Garland police turned him loose Friday. Investigators say more work is needed.

A Texas Dad, who was jailed after his 4-year-old’s washing machine death, walked free on Friday as cops vowed to keep investigating. Garland police dropped capital murder charges against 28-year-old Joseph Blocker, saying they have more work to do. “There comes a time when you need to file formal charges, and we’re not there yet,” police spokesman Joe Harn told the Dallas Morning News. “You’ve got to get everything right — especially a capital murder.”

Blocker called 911 on Tuesday afternoon to report injuries to his boy, Koda, but the child was already dead when emergency responders arrived, authorities said. The little boy was apparently trapped inside a washing machine and sent tumbling when someone hit the power button on the front-loader, authorities said. “That door has to be shut and then someone has to push a button on the outside to get that started,” Harn told Fox 4 on Wednesday. “It does not start by automatically shutting that door.” Investigators were still waiting an official cause of death, but Koda’s injuries match the inside of the washing machine, police said.

Blocker was arrested shortly after the boy’s body was discovered, despite the support of friends and relatives who told reporters the father of two would never harm his son. Blocker’s other child, age 22 months, is with the mother, the Dallas Morning News reported.
Cops haven’t revealed what led them to release Blocker, but his attorney issued a statement of gratitude, calling the recent days “very tragic and deeply emotional.”

“We are thankful for his release and applaud the officers of the Garland Police Department for their professionalism during the investigation,” attorney Chris Knox said. “However, Mr. Blocker and his family have suffered a tremendous loss and, because of the whirlwind of activity, have not yet been able to properly grieve.”

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    1. A young boy just might try to hide in a front loader, but I do remember 1 thing clearly from when I was young, you couldn’t have blown me in one of those things with a cannon. But if you read the story, the ‘start’ button had to be pushed.
      I don’t know about you, but if I forgot my clothes, I hit them again for about 10 -15 minutes to take the wrinkles out. So I don’t know, I felt better about the deal when the neighbors said he wouldn’t hurt his Children, I have to say that all my neighbors knew how I felt about my Children and theirs.

      1. Alan, that just goes to show you not to do 3 things at one time, and it’s all your Facebook Page’s fault….
        You know I got that front loader in mind and suppoose since we never had a front loader, I got my wires crossed, you are right, fry that dude.

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