Daydreaming and WordPress BBQ

Free  Food
Free Treat BBQ from WordPress and Automattic

WordPress, Does this look familiar????

I knew nothing about a page of this type for Google, it was like Mandarin Chinese early in August when I looked it over, so I didn’t want to admit that this looked doubtful even in daydreaming stage.

That’s when I remembered Lewis and his blog, so I came looking for a Childhood Friend with a blog.  I didn’t find my old buddy, but WordPress did something few people ever have, except for a group of mostly Veterans on Google+, they was nice to me.  None of my friends ever heard this part WordPress, BUT, they did hear about the idiot in the forum.  A lot of these friends are a lot like me in some ways, and someone whose mommie bought them the superman model computer, complete with cape, utility belt, and decoder ring, might just forget he wasn’t superman one day and talk down to a real Popeye the Sailor.  So you get the idea.

Thank You WordPress for that first day, I figured you might tell superman that it’s your fault for him not running me off.