There is so much I would like to say, but I’m late.  You might say “I thought Children was so important to you…. “.  I am late for my appointment with a little girl who won’t understand.

It’s my own fault that I’m late, although I hesitate to say it, this space is for Our Children and NO ONE ELSE!!!!  I had to do this today, because I am supposed to, I KNOW because I FELT that I should.

Here I sit with tears rolling down my cheeks, with the vision of a scared, crying Child, cloaked in semi-darkness, the Child’s Plea echoing in my ears, Hello????….  a light, distant foot-fall can be heard between the muffled, scared, sobs.

Suddenly the sobs stop, then the trigger is pulled, with the force of at least 1 million volts it hits me in the base of my spine and races upward, HELLO????…  it’s too late, he’s here.  The urgency is suddenly very real as the sobs quicken, HELLO!!!!….

I’m here, please be quiet and get behind me.  It’s OK, you are safe, and you can hold on to me, just stay behind me.

HELLO, it’s ME you’re looking for….

The time to answer the plea from Our Children is NOW, they have suffered far too long, they have been scared too long, they have been used too long, they have been abused TOO LONG!!!!

Will you please answer their call.

3 thoughts on “DOES ANYONE CARE”

    1. Somehow, I knew you would be My Friend. GOD Bless You in your endeavors Alan, and a Very Merry Christmas to you and your Family.

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