Our Friends on WordPress, G+, and FB

Going?  NO we are GROWING!

We want you all to know how much you mean to us, and I am not speaking of the Likes and Followers, although you are ALL a Blessing for us there also.

WordPress is not unlike a thriving city, each blogger is the business, surrounded by bigger and smaller businesses.

It takes every kind of business in a myriad of businesses to support a metropolis the size of WordPress.  The flower shops, the fashionable, the healthy, the athletic, and then us, the sewer.

You can only attempt to imagine what it is really like from our perspective.  I want you all to know that you are our only good view from where our shop is located.  GOD Bless You All

Our Circle

I will not go quietly into the night

WHAT????  Did you really think I would just give up and walk away?

Admit defeat to YOU????  After all you have done to Our Children, for all these years?

I’m going to look down at you, sooner or later, at your bruised and bloody body;  then I’m going to stomp your face into Our Blessed Earth Mother.

My Faith is strong, my Heart is Good, and my Medicine is unbreakable.  ~AHO~