Colorado Springs man sentenced for child abuse

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. — A Colorado Springs man who pleaded guilty to abusing his girlfriend’s teenage sons has been sentenced.

Man Physically Abused Boys
Lee Duane Kizer

Lee Kizer, 30, was sentenced Tuesday to 12 years in prison.

Kizer pleaded guilty to one count of child abuse resulting in serious injury as part of a Plea Agreement in November.

Prosecutors said he tortured and threatened his girlfriend’s teenage sons.

The teens told police Kizer made them kneel in a corner and beat them.


Indifferent or Guilty????

Justice for Child Predators
Why the Coverup????

I glanced over someone’s shoulder and noticed just a single +1 on Aida’s post, that in my opinion, should have been overflowing with agreement and comments.

The fact that Our Country’s statistics are tainted(ON PURPOSE) was pointed out some time back by a very good friend of mine named Sister Helen.

Aida can’t understand the lack of participation, and after soon to be 5 months, she blames herself for what should be a landslide on G+ and Facebook, or so she thought.

What few people know is we get further behind by the day, so how does one find time for a single post like this, totally from the seat of my pants with tongue in cheek.

Yet even with the news of the “Dung Heap Crowd”, that we believe needs forced in everyone’s face on a daily basis, so they have good digestion just as we do, we have done best here on WordPress.

I want to finish what Aida could not last night.  For this metropolis that has shown us love and support, we are very proud to tell you that if sewers can be blessed, we have been, WE NOW HAVE THE .com TO GO WITH OUR .org .

Thank You ALL!!!!