Dauphin County man deemed sexually violent predator, sentenced to 16 to 32 years

I’m not sure if anyone else is noticing, but this is getting to be an everyday thing.  Our Children are having their futures stolen violently, and they will never reach their full potential.


DAUPHIN COUNTY (WPMT)-A former Middletown man convicted of child molestation in October, was sentenced to spend 16 to 32 years in prison Thursday, according to the Dauphin County District Attorney’s office.

A jury found 59-year-old Harry Szekeres guilty on 33 counts of child sexual molestation last year. An investigation into Szekeres’ activities–revealed that the sexual abuse spanned over the course of 14 years–beginning when the victim was just 6 years-old, police said.

During the October trial investigators played for the jury a recording of a phone call between the victim and Szekeres.  During that 20 minute phone call, an emotional Szekeres can be heard repeatedly apologizing to his victim for molesting her and begging for her forgiveness, according to the DA’s office.    At one point on the recording, after the victim asked Szekeres if he understood the impact of what he did to her by sexually abusing her for…

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