Our Circle is now Our Community

No excuse for child abuseThe fact that so many of you have contacted us to see if we were well, is a very good feeling and touched us deeply.

The fact is, we have grown so quickly that no matter how hard we tried, we have fallen further and further behind.  The quick-fixes and for-now-improvements have served us well during our growing pains, but it was time to admit that Our Tent Cities served us well, even for a short time.

TENT CITIES????  For me personally, the term seems perfect as I remember the many hours of redefining objectives, which had been redefined sometimes the week before.  The same can be said from a staffing stand-point; for what still seems a dream to us, an unimagined dream that became reality, no matter how we juggled the work, a week or perhaps two later, the unimaginable happened again, and again.

Our Circle had begun 5 months ago, with about 20 friends.  For the first month, Our Circle grew slowly;  then, as I look back, it was as though Our Circle got sand kicked in Our faces one too many times, and decided to follow Charles Atlas Body Building.

We started growing, and the growth accelerated;  suddenly we wondered when Our Circle would be kicked off the playground for steroid use.  But we knew there would be no more sand kicked on us.

What this means in terms all of you can understand is, we are on Our third theme, which in my opinion is a professional theme, and fits Our Circle well.  There are 4 pages on Our site which need an overhaul, and at least 2 need a total makeover.

As I write this, there have several changes made in different areas the last 2 days.  Please be patient with Our Staff, and when this overhaul is complete, hopefully Our Circle will be a beautiful Town-size Circle, with possibly 1 or 2 new tent cities.

OK, let me revise that last statement, due to the fact that we have 150 LIKES and FOLLOWS on Facebook at this moment….

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