$5,000 Bond for Kicking Infant????

Indifference toward Child Abuse
There is no excuse for Indifference toward Child Abuse

Daycare worker charged after video captures kicking

HOLIDAY, Fla. (AP) — A daycare worker on Florida’s Gulf Coast faces child abuse charges after authorities say video captured her kicking a 16-month-old girl several times.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office reports 49-year-old Linda Klemm was supervising children Saturday at Kids Stop-N-Play in Holiday when surveillance video captured Klemm kicking the top of a sleeping child’s head and then dragging the bottom of her foot across the left side of the child’s face. About 10 minutes later, after the child falls back asleep, Klemm is seen forcefully kicking the child.

The child’s mother reportedly noticed abrasions when she picked the girl up later and called authorities. Deputies responded and reviewed the surveillance video.

Klemm was jailed Saturday and then released Sunday on a $5,000 bail. It wasn’t clear if she had an attorney.


Against Child Abuse

As I researched the obvious filtering of search engines, my faith was at least partially restored by BING.

Although the sadness in my heart had driven me deep within myself, to a place only one person knew existed, little did I know that my mood was soon to grow much darker.

Very seldom do I read the comments on news articles….

Jim said: Bad decisions by the convicted. Wisdom by the judges and prosecutors. Kudos to Alabama

Fred said: I don’t do criminal law so I’m hoping someone in Alabama can shed some light on this. Didn’t Lawrence v. Texas say laws against sodomy were unconstitutional? And didn’t the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals finally admit the same thing last June? So what exactly is the sodomy that this horrible woman was convicted of?

Devoran said: Pretty sure forcible sodomy is still against the law, just like other forms of forcible intercourse, age of consent notwithstanding. The curious thing about this is the 219 years. This is bad–really bad–but a life sentence for anything less than a brutal murder makes me think we may need to revisit what constitutes sensible sentencing.

I believe these 3 say enough….


Alabama Woman gets 219 years for Child Incest Ring

Child Sex Abuse and Incest
Wendy Holland

We first started following this story on November 02, 2014 when we ran this article:


BAY MINETTE, Ala. (AP) — A judge sentenced an Alabama woman to 219 years in prison Thursday for her role in an incestuous sex ring accused of molesting children for years.

Wendy Holland, 35, showed no emotion as the judge condemned her to what amounts to a life sentence. She must serve at least 50 years in prison before parole consideration, a prosecutor said. Jurors convicted the woman of sodomy, sexual abuse and other charges last month.

Another defendant, William Brownlee, got a 20-year prison sentence. Brownlee, 50, was convicted of sodomy and sexual abuse in the fall.

The two were among 11 people charged with sex crimes following the disappearance in 2012 of a suspected victim of the ring, 19-year-old Brittney Wood. She remains missing and is presumed dead.

Baldwin Council Circuit Judge Jody Bishop gave both Holland and Brownlee the maximum sentence and said each deserved more time. Each still faces additional charges involving other alleged victims.

In a letter read in court, the underage female victim in both cases said years of abuse left her traumatized. She has a hard time trusting anyone, gets angry easily and rarely feels safe. “I was a little girl being held down and raped,” wrote the victim, who was in court.

Authorities said the two were part of a group of relatives and friends who sexually abused children and swapped their own kids for sex for years.

Holland is the widow of the alleged leader of the group, Donnie Holland, who was Brittney Wood’s uncle. The teen went missing around the time Holland was found with a gunshot to the head; his death was later ruled a suicide.

Even without Brittney Wood to testify, two of her uncles and an older brother already pleaded guilty to sex charges before juries convicted Wendy Holland and Brownlee.

In the letter read in court, the underage teen abused by both Holland, a relative, and Brownlee, a family friend, compared her youth to being lost in a maze. The teen said she felt like she was constantly looking into shadows around corners in fear of more sexual torture.