19 Ways Your Child Can Succeed in Any Academic Class

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19 Ways Your Child Can Succeed in Any Academic Class.
by Janice Wald, Reflections, http://mycurrentnewsblog.com/

This is a very good article by Ms Wald, who is an important part of Our Circle. I believe this will be something the Parents in Our Circle will appreciate, since Ms Wald is not only a good parent, but a Teacher also.

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    1. Alan, everything the Teacher writes on the chalk board needs to be written down in a good hand so it will last the semester. Usually everything the Teacher puts on the board ends up on the test.

    1. You are so welcome Ms Wald, did I give you credit the proper way? I would appreciate your input. Also, how many blogs go you have? Is mycurrentnewsblog.com the best to find what I need?

      1. Hi,
        When you give me credit for an article, can you please also include a link to my blog mycurrentnewsblog.com Perhaps the byline could read by Janice Wald, Reflections, mycurrentnewsblog.com. That way people who wish to find more tips can find the rest of my writing.
        That is the only blog I have.
        I have many posts there I believe you will be interested in. I wrote
        13 Quick Ways to Stop Fighting http://wp.me/p5jxvv-kb
        How to End Communication Problems Once and For All Part I http://wp.me/p5jxvv-ap
        and 3 Lies Your Children Tell You http://wp.me/p5jxvv-bO
        These are just three of the articles I believe you and your readers might find interesting.
        I am a pacifist. I strongly believe in your cause. To think I could help make future generations less violent, would be a wonderful legacy. It’s why I became an advice blogger–to help people.
        Thank you for giving my writing exposure and believing in my writing enough to show it to your readers.
        Janice Wald
        PS Perhaps when you post my writing, you could send me a link so I can see it.
        Thank you again for your support of my writing.

      2. Ms Wald, I am Robert, and very happy to meet you!!!!
        I just about bet that I can update that for Aida, after I make sure I have that copied for Our Future use also.
        I would like to say I enjoyed the post, and will get by to start reading. You are a very good writer, and it seems you have an avid fan.
        GOD Bless you and your Family Ms Wald.

      3. Thank you so much for all your efforts & the respect & support of my writing. Thanks for following my blog as well. Nice meeting you too. Janice

      4. Yes Ma’am, the pleasure is all mine Ms Wald. In about 5 minutes I will have Our Circle’s Tenured Teacher credited, although, I almost know without asking what you teach, why do I feel like I am in 7th grade again, and my stomach is even getting upset…. PLEASE MS WALD…. I DIDN’T DO IT, AIDA DID.
        I didn’t say that did I??? Please say no.

      5. Ms Wald, please don’t ask me to diagram that sentence, although I think “You” are the subject and…. Ms Wald apparently my dog is holding the rest of my homework as ransom.
        No seriously, Ms Wald, we hold Our Circle and Our Friends high, just giving credit isn’t going to be Our Style, although we don’t want people thinking we are going to ask for a loan after buttering them up, I mean am I being picky at the wrong things???? I’ve reblogged a couple, and haven’t credited anyone until now; I hope everyone knows how we feel about Our Friends.

      6. Ms Wald, now I’m sitting here looking at this post wondering why it doesn’t say Thank You or …. Ms Wald, could you look at our Bibliography on Child Abuse- The Facts, under Welcome to Our World one day when you might happen by, or what ever you would like in return. My stomach is getting upset again.

      7. Ms Wald, I see you have met Robert, and you apparently get along rather well.
        He revised the credit, and made a note for my resource, as I said, I have little experience, although I enjoy learning and preparation.
        I am unsure how to send you a link, unless I post it as a comment on your blog.
        Today I want to share your post “3 Lies Your Children Tell You”, then I will post the Link.
        Thank You Ms Wald, your help and support mean so much to me, and Thank You for your support for Our Circle and Our Children!

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