3 Lies Your Children Tell You

3 Lies Your Children Tell You.

by Janice Wald, Reflections, http://mycurrentnewsblog.com

I hope you all have had a good, safe week, and want to stress the importance of quality time.  Again, this has been a very demanding week, and as usual I find myself far behind.  Although I feel the need to say that this previous statement is in reference to my personal goals for the week.  The fact that the research for this post was completed and a time was set for the posting as a personal goal, for the simple fact that I wanted to share another good parenting article by Ms Wald with Our Circle.

Good Parenting takes love, work, planning, understanding, and plenty of quality time with your family to build a strong bond that will last a lifetime.  GOD Bless you all!

2 thoughts on “3 Lies Your Children Tell You”

  1. You are absolved, dear woman, one can only do so much, and you do a lot, my week has been good. Rest up this weekend, get to church, take some self-time with God, and be well!

    1. Thank You Alan, I have 1 more post before Zorro learns he is not Harry Houdini. And not 1 word of warning for your friend Alan! Have a wonderful evening Alan.

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