Nico LaHood starts a Child Abuse Division

District Attorney against Child Abuse
Nico LaHood, Bexar County DA

San Antonio, TX – It’s been a little more than three weeks since Nico LaHood took office as the Bexar County District Attorney and he said the atmosphere is already different.

“Three weeks in, people are encouraged. And if people are encouraged and hopeful then in my opinion, I’m going to get excellence out of them and I expect excellence out of the assistant district attorneys,” LaHood said.

LaHood said his biggest challenge so far has been dealing with the bureaucracy. The former criminal defense lawyer is now facing decisions from the opposite side of the court room.

“I think all those experiences in my life, being called every name in the book, even recently in the campaign and that’s fine, I’m comfortable in my skin to going through challenges and having to overcome challenges, physically, mentally, socially, has prepared me for this moment.”

Those challenges include his own time in the justice system and the murder of his brother. LaHood was present for the execution of his brother’s killer.

“What it’s taught me over the years is the ability and the authority to utilize the death penalty, which is appropriate in certain situations and I am a responsible supporter of the death penalty. Responsible,” he said

LaHood said he’s especially interested in cases involving children and started a child abuse division. He’s meeting with various judges and organizations to put together a child abuse summit.

“Once we analyze the problems, now what are the solutions. Let’s cut through all the bureaucracy BS and let’s bring some solutions,” he said.

He also has some very specific goals for his first year in office.
“That this guy wasn’t afraid to do what’s right, he didn’t play the BS political games. He wasn’t afraid to be himself, he wasn’t afraid to do what’s right. And he was consistent in office.”

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