Mother saves runaway from trafficking

Child Sex Trafficking
Mother saves runaway girl from Child Sexual Trafficking

Determined mother saves her runaway daughter from human trafficking ring

On Wednesday, authorities in Tacoma, Washington, released details of how a determined mother did her own detective work and rescued her daughter from a regional human trafficking ring.

The mother of a runaway teen found her daughter’s picture on a website. Next, she set up her own undercover sting, by calling the number listed to ask how much she could get for $200. The person who answered, was unaware that the particular girl she was asking about was her own daughter. He told her what hotel to go to for a ‘meet and greet’ with the girl. The mother went to the location and was able to rescue her daughter. Once she had her daughter safely out of harm’s way, she shared the information she had uncovered and that lead police to busting one of the most sophisticated human trafficking rings in the region. This ring operated up and down the I-5 corridor from Everett to Olympia. Their main base of operation was in Tacoma.

22-year-old Michael Williams II is considered the main force behind the trafficking ring that he ran with Curtis Escalante. They were both arrested a month ago and the police went undercover to find the 18-year-old brother of Williams. On Tuesday, police arrested Mikael Williams of Tacoma, and were able to uncover two more teenage victims. Authorities believe that there are many other victims of this particular ring that haven’t been found.

Williams and his co-defendants were able to run this ring through the use of the marketing websites Craigslist and Backpage. If you go to and click on any city, you can then click on the adult section which traffickers use to advertise girls that are available for escort services. Most of these girls do not look like the posted age and no one checks if any of it is factual. Former NBA player, Greg Anthony was recently arrested after he saw an ad in Backpage and arranged a meeting with one of the escorts. The ad had been placed by undercover officers trying to cut down on the people who use Backpage for this reason.

The Washington Exploited and Missing Children Task Force commends this mother for the extremes she went through to recover her daughter safely. Lt. Ron Mead said, “As a result of that contact, had it not been for the mother’s involvement, we certainly wouldn’t have been aware of it as quickly as we were, and may not have been aware of it all.”

7 thoughts on “Mother saves runaway from trafficking”

      1. There is no untold part…. I am the mother. I found my daughter. That is it. This has devastated my family. I had to work, as a single mother, she met the devil and got caught up in a horrific ordeal. To assume that there was an issue with her upbringing is valid, however I know that I was and still am a good mother and I raised my daughter to be in when the streetlights came on. Trial starts soon, its already hard enough without the extra comments from people who have no clue what its like to go through something like this.

      2. Shelly, please don’t read things into something where there is only sadness at how you managed such a heroic act.
        The untold part which probably will always remain so is the feeling within you night after night while you searched.
        You see I have hidden feelings within me that will die right where they are, in 1999 my 3rd son was basically beat to death.
        His blood gas levels was below 50%, and by the time I got there his mother and the doctor’s had all but decided to unplug him.
        Shelly, day after tomorrow is Joshua’s Birthday, and I am still guardian of MY SON.
        GOD Bless you and your strength as a Mother,

      3. That brought tears to my eyes . I’m sorry from my heart to yours. I suppose I am used to being defensive about my story , it been so hard and heart breaking and yes the pain is so deep still every day . My daughters birthday is also the day after tomorrow and she won’t be with me since she is being held as a material witness . I’ve been a mess all week .

      4. Shelly, are you on Google? Our nain page is on google+, it is where this idea became reality.
        I understand what you are saying, there aren’t a lot of really caring people out there.
        I will be available anytime if you would like to have some wordpress company anytime.
        If we ever speak in a private setting, I will tell you a sad story from a Dad’s perspective.
        You are very welcome Shelly, and almost from your first defensive words, I was near tears just thinking about your ordeal.
        This world needs more parents like you.

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