Police seek suspect in fatal shooting of 13-year-old

Police seek suspect in fatal shooting of 13-year-old

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CHICAGO –A teenage boy was shot and killed while recording a fight on his cell phone.

Chicago Police say Anthony Diaz, 13, was shot multiple times just after 10:30pm Sunday in the 6000 block of West Grand Avenue in the Belmont Central neighborhood.

Diaz’ stepfather, Ralph Otero, says the teen snuck out of the house with his sisters, ages 15 and 17, because they wanted to confront someone about a post on Facebook.

Otero says five minutes later Diaz was shot.

Police say someone shot him in the side and at least one of the bullets exited through his chest.

Officers found four shell casings at the scene.

No arrests have been made.

Otero says his stepson was not a gangbanger and was a good kid who loved basketball.

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  1. Confrontation may not always be best, you might just be bringing a knife to a gun fight. Or worse your bare hands – fine if you are ready for the results foolish if you are not!

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