Florida Child abuse hotline ignored 2 calls before 5-year-old Killed

Father killed Child
John Jonchuck

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Just 12 hours before a man fatally threw his 5-year-old daughter off a Tampa Bay bridge last month, his own attorney called the state’s child abuse hotline, warning that John Jonchuck was suffering from mental delusions.

But according to document released by Florida child welfare officials Monday, the operator didn’t refer the call to investigators because she didn’t think the child was in danger.

One week earlier, another friend alleged Jonchuck’s daughter Phoebe had been physically abused in the past. But that call also failed to get to investigators because the operator hung up before she got Jonchuck’s address.

The lapses have prompted the Department of Children and Families to change hotline protocol. Going forward, if a caregiver seems to be experiencing a psychotic episode, a child protective investigator will be required to visit within four hours.

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    I don’t know why, but I posted something about this exact case just a few moments ago but it said it didn’t work so again. This man has domestic violence charges, child abuse charges, substance abuse charges, and mental disorder issues all under his belt and when his wife and him divorced HE got custody???? I mean I get it if you are manipulative like my fiancé’s mother is and you win custody and the kid goes with the wrong parent but if you have all of those charges under belt PRIOR to a court hearing about CUSTODY OF THE KID how could the court even for one SECOND think it was a smart idea to let the small innocent five-year-old go with her rapist, abusive, father!!!!!???? Someone please shed some light on how the JUDGE of that case should NOT be put in jail for their poor judgement and how the two, TWO, operators should NOT be fired ON THE SPOT for their negligence and potentially causing the death of a young innocent girl???

    1. AnnaGirl, I totally agree, although in this day and time there’s not a lot of parents who rank real high in the parent catagory,
      I am posting now about a Father’s friend who planted a camera in his daughters room…. for 4 years. You will be very upset. Thank you for coming by, I’ll come by your place shortly, this is a subject many people don’t likke this subject too well, but that’s why few states have adequate laws to protect children.

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