13-Year-Old Secretly Taped in Bedroom by Father’s Best Friend

Man video taping little girl
Bradley McCollum

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When Oregon teen Madison Reed was just 13 years old, her father’s good friend and neighbor Bradley McCollum began videotaping her. This secret taping went on for four years.

McCollum, 48, hid a camera in Madison’s bedroom, pointed at her bed.

McCollum was good friends with Madison’s dad, Clark Reed. He visited their home often and even vacationed with them at the Reed family’s beach house on Cannon Beach. This adds a whole other element to this case that makes it even more upsetting. It’s a complete betrayal besides being criminal.

McCollum’s videotapes include footage of Madison at the beach house and in her bedroom over the course of four years. He was only found out because Madison’s mom saw him exit her daughter’s bedroom during a visit.

She searched the room later and discovered the video camera under papers on the desk. The family didn’t want to believe it was their friend

“We were looking for every excuse to think it was someone else until we found proof. Our world was upside down,” Reed said to KGW-TV regarding his former friend.

The hidden camera captured Madison, a minor, undressing and naked, and yet McCollum’s recordings do not constitute child pornography because of the laws in Oregon.

Madison is now 18 and she is having a hard time with this. She said, “I don’t like to think about it, but I think about it all the time — like all day. Every day. There’s no choice but to think about it”.

McCollum has been charged with felony burglary and invasion of privacy. He does not have to register as a sex offender and that just feels so wrong.

The state of Oregon is working to change their laws.

Madison is speaking out on the matter in hopes changes will be made. I also hope this family doesn’t blame themselves — something the parents may be struggling with since they believed this man was their friend.

This man needs help, serious help. And a couple of years in prison may not be enough. His sentencing is on March 4.

For now, and even after this sentencing, he is allowed to be Madison’s neighbor.

2 thoughts on “13-Year-Old Secretly Taped in Bedroom by Father’s Best Friend”

  1. In my opinion, I think it’s statutory sexual assault because she was under age 15. God forbid he should ever have “shared” those tapes with his buddies, then it would be an entirely different story. As it stands, it seems to me that the police did a decent job of charging him with several serious crimes that will not allow him to get away without serving jail time. I definitely want that man off of the streets and behind bars. As for justice… What is “justice” in this situation?
    -Can he be rehabilitated? No.
    -Can we, as a society, execute him? No.
    We could lock him up in a psychiatric hospital forever. We could do that.

    1. First, I want to say Thank You for your time and input, although that doesn’t convey how much your input means to us.
      We opened the doors on our Google + Page on August 19, 2014, with caring and love for every Child and the belief that every single one of them deserved an equal chance to make this world a better place. That, and the fact that I am a Father, being our only credentials and qualifications.
      Since that time, our dedication to Our Children has driven us to the schedule we have been on for months, which is almost every waking moment of everyday.
      At this very moment, I can think of few jobs that could depress me more. But I do want you and everyone else to know, the words “Thankless job” has never been used here.
      There has never been a day that depression, stress, sadness, anger, vengeance, and many more words have come to mind, nor a day I haven’t cried.
      But I KNOW we are making a difference, and that is all that matters, With your input, true words with your feelings binding them together, you have armed me to go back to work. Your comment will be kept, with others, not only to help us see this as others do, but also to be the “Can of spinach for Popeye”,,,,
      Yes I agree with you, and even had to close my eyes for more than just a moment at the thought of a GROUP of these type people LOOKING.
      Our Peace Officers are appreciated and always in Our Prayers, they are not unlike Our Service Members, going into battle with bleeding hearts binding their hands.
      America is in a very bad place right now with the every-day-Violence at a dangerous point.
      Your points on the “Justice” side were well though, “You did VERY GOOD”!!!!
      I hope everyone see this last statement, I believe only a certain type individual could do this, just as I believe only a certain type could Abuse a Child in any way, and I don’t include certain parents who have accidentally crossed the line slightly, maybe due to rebellion or some such. *I believe if you read this as it is intended, you will have an idea of what I tried and failed to convey*
      Thank You for coming by, NOW, lets look at YOUR writing….

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