Family Friend Sexually Assaults Child for 2 years

Child Sex Abuse
Boaz Philippe, 35

A Pembroke Pines man is accused of sexually assaulting a young girl over a two-year period.

The now-10-year-old girl has come forward to accuse Boaz Philippe, 35, of sexual battery she says occurred when she was between the ages of five and seven, Pembroke Pines police said.

The girl said she did not tell her father until 2012 because Philippe had warned her not to talk about it for fear they would both get in trouble, investigators said. She broke her silence because a friend told her sex could lead to pregnancy and she was scared, the report stated.

The child was interviewed by detectives on May 29, 2013. She gave them graphic descriptions of all the things Philippe allegedly did to her on eight occasions, according to the arrest report.

Police declined to explain the time-lapse between the girl’s statements and Philippe’s arrest Wednesday but Sgt. Angela Goodwin said Philippe was the subject of ongoing investigations in other jurisdictions.

The girl told police that Philippe had a computer room in his Pembroke Pines home and often showed her pornography on his tablet, smart phone, computer and flat screen television, the arrest report said.

The girl’s father later told detectives Philippe was a family friend nicknamed “Nono” who often visited and was trusted to drive the daughter to her friends’ and relatives’ homes.

What her father didn’t know was Philippe sometimes made a side-stop to his own home and coerced her to have sex, police said.

Afterward, she said he would take her in the bathroom and “scrub” her so she wouldn’t be “dirty,” the report stated.

Two days after the girl told her father, he went to Philippe’s parents and they confronted Philippe, who refused to answer any questions. Eventually he said, “I’m guilty. I did that,” the report stated.

Police set up two monitored telephone calls between the girl and Philippe in November during which he admitted to the sexual encounters, apologized and offered to pay for her counseling, detectives said.

He was arrested on charges that include sexual battery on victim less than 12 years of age by an offender 18 or older, lewd and lascivious molestation on a minor and an obscenity count for the pornography.

He was ordered held without bond, jail records showed.

Georgia Lawmakers are on the Child Abusers Team
Lawmakers debate child sex abuse bill

Atlanta , Georgia – One in four girls and one in six boys is sexually abused by the age of 18. Their abusers rarely get caught. Victims of child sex abuse want their day in court.

On Wednesday, lawmakers debated a proposal that would strengthen protections for the victims. The Hidden Predator Act would extend the statute of limitations. That means victims would be able to file charges at a much older age.

Survivors say that could bring victims and their abusers out of the shadows.

“It allows victims to go into the courthouse and file suit, which makes things public,” said Justin Conway, an abuse survivor.

“You’re not by yourself. There are so many more who have gone through the same thing,” said Marilyn Motz, another survivor.

The bill also would grant victims access to sealed records so they can press charges.

The American Lemming, Racism, Corrupt Lawmakers, Children, Biased Media

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The media is racial and biased. the post coming next is how the corrupt lawmakers keep Our Children as sex objects, and society buys into it, where men and women strive to look like Children.  The newsman in the video under reports the actual numbers for girls abused before their 18th birthday is 1 in 4, the newsman says 1 in 5.

You think this is unimportant, there were 686,000 reports of Child Maltreatment last year, you don’t think that is bad?  NOW, ONLY ABOUT ¼ of the offenses are reported, suddenly that number changes BY A WHOLE LOT, it jumps to 2,744,000.

There is time to change, but it must start NOW.  What is the new premium on your insurance policy????  THE CORRUPT LAWMAKERS SOLD US OUT TO THE INSURANCE COMPANYS.  Our Veterans are dying before they get treatment, THEY HAVE LET PHARMACEUTICALS, THE AMA, UTILITIES, and PAYOLA TO NON_AMERICANS!!!!