Family Goals and Getting Our Act Together

Family Goals and Getting Our Act Together.

Good Evening Our Circle, Google+, WordPress, and Facebook!  I am Aida, Senior Editor for NOT IN MY WORLD!!!!,and we hope each of you have had a safe day.  At the moment, the temperature is 36° here in Dallas, Texas, with snow expected for early tomorrow morning.

I have a very good post from the First Comes Love blog as Phoebe shares a small look into the life of Devon, Phoebe, and of course Arthur their son, whom we met a short time ago, when I shared the first post of this wonderful family.  And for now, I will tell you no more, so GO, enjoy your time with this Family where there is no shortage of love.  GOD Bless You All!

Sick Day

Sick Day

I have a really good feeling about our new strategy of attracting young parents to Our Circle, and Our Pages, and website.  But as I read some of the posts, the thought hit me right between the eyes, as I stared at the letters A.E.D.; every single one of us knows that this is not simply about a sign with a big number, like a city limits sign.

Being so like-minded about Our Children,  I believe that if we could hang a sign up that was RSS and would actually record when we helped a Child directly or indirectly;  and then continue doing all we possibly can each day, and coming back here and realizing the sign wasn’t blank anymore….

That is the feeling I got as I read those letters, that this nice young couple, who struck me as very Good Parents, with a happy family atmosphere, would be another way to get that #1 on SOMEBODY’S SIGN!!!!  I believe I will start a list that everyone can see, when they come by, and list it on G+ and Facebook also.

Stepmother in child abuse case faces new charges

HOUSTON – New charges have been filed against woman accused in a case of child abuse.

Tammi Bleimeyer, the stepmother of Jordan Bleimeyer, is now facing a charge of first-degree felony injury to a child.

There is also a warrant out for her arrest, according to county records

Bleimeyer, 34, made national headlines last year after being accused of locking her 5-year-old stepson in a closet under the stairs inside their home and starving him nearly to death.

Deputies with Harris County Precinct 4 took custody away from Jordan. They said he was severely malnourished and had many bumps and bruises.

Tammi Bleimeyer was arrested and charged with endangering a child, but later posted bond and was released.

Her husband, Bradley Bleimeyer, who is Jordan’s biological father, was also arrested and charged with endangering a child but held in jail with no bond.

Tammi Bleimeyer is the biological mother of seven children. She was pregnant with her seventh child when she was allegedly locking and starving Jordan under the stairs.

Child Protective Services said six of Tammi Bleimyer’s biological children are living with relatives and the seventh is in foster care.