Family Goals and Getting Our Act Together

Family Goals and Getting Our Act Together.

Good Evening Our Circle, Google+, WordPress, and Facebook!  I am Aida, Senior Editor for NOT IN MY WORLD!!!!,and we hope each of you have had a safe day.  At the moment, the temperature is 36° here in Dallas, Texas, with snow expected for early tomorrow morning.

I have a very good post from the First Comes Love blog as Phoebe shares a small look into the life of Devon, Phoebe, and of course Arthur their son, whom we met a short time ago, when I shared the first post of this wonderful family.  And for now, I will tell you no more, so GO, enjoy your time with this Family where there is no shortage of love.  GOD Bless You All!

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    1. Alan, I hope you know how much Aliana and I appreciate you. No need for you and him to thank me for my insight.

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