SD CA Law Approved, 10-2 Against Jolene’s Law

Hello!?!?….  Can you hear????  That’s Our Children, and NO ONE is answering their desperate, but almost unheard cry for help.  One reason you can barely hear it is because it has gone unanswered for nearly 7,000 years; the main reason it is so quiet is because danger is so near.

I hope you will read this very closely, for only then will you begin to see the truth of what is all around you.  You will see and begin to realize that a very large percentage of Our elected Representatives could care less what YOU AND I think or feel.  They KNOW that only a small percentage of people like us care enough about anyone other than themselves, to even bother to read articles like this.


Child abuse law changes approved, continued study defeated
10-2 against a proposal to allow the Jolene’s Law Task Force to continue

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — A state House committee has approved a measure aimed at making child sexual abuse reporting clearer but has defeated a plan to authorize more time to study how to address the issue in South Dakota.

The House State Affairs Committee voted unanimously on Wednesday to approve a plan that would require a mandatory reporter who first hears a child’s account of abuse to be available when it’s reported.

But the panel voted 10-2 against a proposal to allow the Jolene’s Law Task Force to continue working this year. The panel is named after Jolene Loetscher, of Sioux Falls, who was a victim of sexual abuse as a teenager and has talked publicly about her story.

Loetscher says the vote is heartbreaking because there’s “so much more we need to do.”

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