Missouri Daycare under investigation

Daycare under investigation after worker accused of child abuse


NIXA, Mo. – The video is what has one mother fed up and frustrated. It’s surveillance video from Ready, Set, Learn Daycare in Nixa. That’s where she saw what she says was child abuse happening right in front of her eyes.

“She runs over to him, picks him up by his left forearm and drags him the full length of the room, his feet are dragging on the floor, and she picks him, slams him in the chair, she slams him again, and his head hit the wall,” said Mother Megan Harris.

The video shows what happens to the two-year-old next.

“She pulled him by the hood of his shirt, hit him, hit him with a broom, pushed him down at nap time, he tried to get up and she forced his head down in the cot and smacked him a couple of times, so it was literally six hours of hell,” said Harris.

That two year old in the video is her son, and it’s left Megan Harris in tears since that day.

“It was like an all day torture,” said Harris.

Another worker saw it happening, reported it to police, and officers showed her that video.

“The minute I got to him, I checked his arm and he did have bruising on his left arm,” said Harris.

The daycare worker was arrested, but Megan went to the state. In the Department of Social Services report, it states that her son hit another kid first, and that’s when the daycare worker did what was in the video, but that worker is not sitting in jail now, so we went to her house.

She didn’t talk to us, but she did tell Social Services why she did it.

She stated she grabbed the two year old’s arm, and quote “put him in time out harshly because she wanted him to know she was in control.” She says his head did hit the wall, but quote “it was not hard,” but social services found that it was quote “physical abuse”.

We took the report straight to the daycare, but that’s when they told us this.

“The state is handling it, everything’s’ taken care of.”

The director of the daycare says the owner is in talks with attorneys, but refused to say anything more than that worker has been fired.

“The day it happened the worker was let go.” but Megan wants something more. “She shouldn’t be running a daycare.” Because she says she doesn’t want what happened in this video to happen to anyone else.

We talked with the Christian County prosecutors office. So far the woman accused of the abuse in January still has not been charged. They say right now the case is still under advisement.

SD Headline BS Coverup for Dereliction of duty and Theft

“Abuse and Neglect cases — especially those resulting in death — are often not disclosed as required by law.”

“And when your data is flawed, every other part of your system is going to be flawed.”

South Dakota Representatives did the very same as GA, AZ, TX, NM, PA, AL, IL, MD, and probably every other one of them;  as far as what WE THE CITIZENS OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA wanted and expected, they did NOTHING!!!!

At the very least this is THEFT OF SERVICES, and every time a child is sexually molested, when they have their day in court, every official who is responsible for this type of CRONYISM COVER-UPS should be held as part of the reason, right along with the molester since they, in effect facilitated said attack through INACTION.

South Dakota – did nothing constructive, and removed Jolene’s Law Task Force.  SD has a serious problem and they are desperately trying to cover it up, but in doing so they have made themselves party to collusion.

Georgia – did nothing constructive, and in fact, in stripping the recent bill to the bare bones, proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Our Children mean nothing.  At the end of the day, this bunch of CORRUPT CRONIES chose to protect their GOOD OLD BOY FRIENDS, instead of doing their part at making this world a much better place for Our Children.  C-O-L-L-U-S-I-O-N

Arizona – 385 kids removed from homes in ignored CPS cases.  State law requires that reports phoned into a child abuse hotline be investigated. Yet beginning in November 2009, some cases were closed before being sent to a field office for investigation by a team of specialists trying to clear a backlog, Graves said. The practice was suspended, briefly renewed the next year, and suspended again. However, beginning about 20 months ago, a new team designed to help the agency overcome an ongoing backlog revived the practice. More than 5,000 of the 6,000 cases that were not investigated happened since that time.

Texas – 11-24-2014 – Whistle-blower lawsuit claims child abuse investigations are tainted in Texas.
01-10-2015 – Faulty Reporting, Tainted Numbers
Texas didn’t report hundreds of child abuse, neglect deaths.

Pennsylvania – 03-02-2015 – Pennsylvania School District failed to report Teacher Molesting 8-yr-old

Alabama11-01-2014Alabama Child Incest Sex Ring.  AL ranks among the highest in Child Sexual Slavery.

Illinois – 10-24-2014Child Abuse and Neglect Deaths Hit 30 Year High Last Year in Illinois.

I had intended to have this posted early this morning, but Raashanai and Scotty came to visit.  It seems as though  I had forgotten 1 very important thing about each of them, and that was the states they had once lived, and died in….

Raashanai and Scotty are never far away

When Raashanai and Scotty are with me, I work late into the night.  I never know when they leave, all i know is the creak in my neck, from sleeping with notebook still on my lap, while my head lies at some odd angle over the headboard.

When they come to visit at night, and crawl up close, so we can quietly talk, or me simply to calm their fears;  it never fails to wake the others, when I awaken in tears.

They have both been near, since the start of this site.  Raashanai was 11-years-old, I think, and Scotty was 3-years-old.  Both were killed by physical abuse, and both had 1 parent and a significant other.

I want to tell you before I leave them, if only for a short time, I haven’t looked at a note, nor any thing with their names written, for many months.  I can describe these 2 precious children, for I’ve wished a thousand times they had been mine.  I can’t imagine why this had to happen; a child can’t know or really understand, all they can do is feel the pain and hurt, and wonder what they have done wrong this time.