Who’s Team are You on: The Cronys’ or Our Children’s

Seven months ago, if anyone of you had said “Our Children are totally unprotected and alone”, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Today, after exposing THE TRUTH of how a group of evil people manipulated and betrayed the trust of WE THE PEOPLE, there is only one way to insure that the right thing is done in Georgia now.

A show of solidarity, in the form of a petition, not only documents the expectations of WE THE PEOPLE, it serves notice that WE THE PEOPLE are watching closely.

Alan Fountain
Shared publicly  on Google – 3:25 AM

Please share this petition to Help Hidden Predator Act of GA maintain Citizen Strong Representation as it heads to Senate Judiciary Committee for testimony and any amendments. We need a voice to not have a biased Bill. Please sign ASAP. Thank you Friends.

Please Support Alan Fountain of GA Families for Justice and Hear His Voice on Hidden Predator Act of GA or HB-17 while in Senate Judiciary Committee. We Trust His Integrity and Testimony to Be Our Citizens Voice Advocate Proxy on Hidden Predator Act of GA

Alan Fountain was a Victim in Georgia of a Serial Predator from age 9 to 16 and Understands the Psychology of The Victim Recovery Cycle and Can Testify to the Importance of Certain Arbitrary Language in Bill Drafts that can Impact a Practical Solution to be Fair, Just and Mediate a Position between Special Interest Resistance and Sensitive Politics but Represent the Public’s Balanced Point of View with a New Law that will not be Partisan to GA taxpayers with bias.

Mr. Fountain has been in attendance at every developmental stage assisting with the initial draft language of HB 17 while attending every public hearing. He began educating the Public beginning in July 2013 to prepare GA Citizens about the Merits and Benefits to an Amended Civil Statute of Limitations Law in GA. He began an informative Citizen Coalition Facebook page for GA citizens in April 2014 https://www.facebook.com/GFJustice

This Bill began as a (R) partisan Bill to meet an honorable situation from Camden County GA where the Bill Sponsor Originated but Mr. Fountain fought hard to have Democrat Sponsors included to bring levity and fairness to Voice Victims Concerns from all of the Citizens of Georgia equally and to include his hometown Community of Upson County with an at Risk unchecked Predator Culture with over 4x the national average of Registered Sex Offenders per capita in all of America but was blocked from his ability to inspire a dialogue on Prevention Remedies to Safeguard future generations because Civil (SOL) prevented city officials, “in their words” from any Dialogue stating their Civil liability Insurance Co. forbid them to discuss the past. (50 second Video Link of My Crime Scene:)


Mr. Fountain became an authority on the roadblocks with Civil (Sol) and worked tirelessly for a year creating a Social Media Following of 250,000 supporters in Various Prevention Awareness Platforms and the largest in Georgia on this Issue. He feels his work helped markedly in the outcome of the GA House Legislature Victory with a Vote of (169) Yea (2) Nay. He heard his original social media data being repeated in Testimony and in the House Chambers so he feels confident the efforts served the Public Well. Please hear his voice when Public Testimony begins and his recommendations should the committee entertain any Amendments to the Bill while in Senate Committee. He only wishes to represent the many Voices of GA that has pleaded to him to be heard. He can share with you redacted names with their compelling pleas for his help and their stories of youth molestation.

With the greatest of respect to the GA Legislature for their Moving Speeches on the Chamber Floor Before Passing this Bill to Senate and to the Senate Judiciary for Listening to Alan Fountain before a Conclusion. His work in GA and Contributions as a Volunteer Advocate on this topic can be found at:


Letter to:

  • Georgia State Senate
  • Governor Nathan Deal
  • State Senator Vincent Fort
  • State Senator Nan Orrock

Please Support Alan Fountain of GA Families for Justice https://www.facebook.com/GFJustice and Hear His Voice on HB-17 while in Senate Judiciary Committee. We Trust His Integrity and Testimony to Be Our Citizens Voice Advocate Proxy on Hidden Predator Act of GA

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    We want to remind everyone that this petition is in dire need of as many signatures as possible.
    We want everyone to bear in mind that this is just the first state. If we hope to affect change in Child Abuse Laws, this is the head of the line.

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