U.S. Jails Sex-Trafficked Kids

I want you all to know that THIS makes me sick to my stomach.  There’s no wonder Our Children have never been protected, these poor kids have no chance to get away from the pimps and traffickers.

U.S. Jails Sex-Trafficked Kids in Human Rights Abuse, Groups Say


WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The United States violates human rights by treating sex-trafficked children as criminals and throwing them into jail, rights groups told an international commission on Monday.

Federal and international law requires that children in the commercial sex trade are treated as victims of trafficking, not as prostitutes.

But most U.S. states and localities fail to apply the law, the groups said at a hearing before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), which reviews human rights abuses in the region.

Criminalizing child victims of the sex trade traumatizes youngsters, Yasmin Vafa, legal director at the Human Rights Project for Girls, and Santiago Canton, executive director at the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, told the commission.

“When girls are incarcerated for the experience of being propertied and serially raped, their ability to return to family, community and school is less likely, which only serves to tighten the traffickers’ control,” they said in prepared remarks.

Approximately 300,000 American children are at risk for commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking each year, with 13 to 14 being the average age a child is first forced into sexual acts, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Each year, more than 1,000 children are arrested in the United States for prostitution, most of them not of a legal age to consent to sex, the U.S. Justice Department says.

One study found that the city of Dallas, Texas, detained 165 juveniles on prostitution and related charges in 2007, and that in Las Vegas over 20 months, 226 children were brought before the juvenile court.

Despite U.S. federal law and international protocols, many state and local law enforcement officers continue to arrest and incarcerate children as prostitutes, even in the 15 states that have adopted “safe harbor” laws designed to shield children from prison where they can be raped again.

By bringing the issue before the IACHR – an agency of the Organization of American States (OAS) – the rights groups are seeking to apply international pressure on the U.S. government to strengthen its anti-trafficking laws and set national standards of care for child victims of sex trafficking.

“I am quite alarmed and deeply disturbed,” said Rose Marie Belle Antoine, an OAS member who presided over the hearing.

The IACHR offers a human rights forum for the 35 OAS member countries in the Americas, but because the United States has not recognized its judicial authority, no court case can be brought.

Ambassador Patricia Butenis, acting director of the U.S. State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, told the commission the United States agrees children should not be criminalized as prostitutes, as federal law specifies, and recognizes that “tragically it still occurs”.

Asked what more the United States can do to implement federal law, she said, “Politics in the United States are complicated.”
Government officials spelled out a series of programs they run to support state and local law enforcement, families and welfare agencies in tackling child sex trafficking.

A number of bills are before the U.S. Congress to improve services for sex-trafficking victims, but both federal and state budgets are extremely tight to fund victim support programs.

Who’s Team are You on: The Cronys’ or Our Children’s


We need to make sure this HB PASSES, because this is just the 1st State out of EVERY STATE IN OUR COUNTRY.

This petition is in dire need of as many signatures as possible.

We want everyone to bear in mind that this is just the first state. If we hope to affect change in Child Abuse Laws, this is the head of the line.


Seven months ago, if anyone of you had said “Our Children are totally unprotected and alone”, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Today, after exposing THE TRUTH of how a group of evil people manipulated and betrayed the trust of WE THE PEOPLE, there is only one way to insure that the right thing is done in Georgia now.

A show of solidarity, in the form of a petition, not only documents the expectations of WE THE PEOPLE, it serves notice that WE THE PEOPLE are watching closely.

Alan Fountain
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Please share this petition to Help Hidden Predator Act of GA maintain Citizen Strong Representation as it heads to Senate Judiciary Committee for testimony and any amendments. We need a voice to not have a biased Bill. Please sign ASAP. Thank you Friends.

Please Support Alan Fountain of GA Families for…

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31st International Symposium on Child Abuse underway at VBC

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – They’ve spent their careers chasing down the worst society has to offer, interviewing the most vulnerable of victims and working to stop the heartbreak of child abuse.

For one week each year, those involved in the various fields of child abuse and prevention are invited to Huntsville for an international symposium hosted by the National Children’s Advocacy Center.

This year, nearly 1,300 experts and advocates from more than a dozen countries are in attendance.

Through dozens of workshops and presentations, they’ll share their knowledge in the hopes of improving their own agencies’ responses to abuse.

The 31st International Symposium on Child Abuse began Monday with a series of pre-conference sessions.

On Tuesday, Kevin Mulcahy will officially open the event, sharing his experiences as both a child abuse victim and prosecutor.
Mulcahy currently serves as Chief of the General Crimes Unit for the US Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Michigan.

According to organizers, “the 31st International Symposium on Child Abuse is one of the few conferences that addresses all aspects of child mistreatment.”

The International Symposium on Child Abuse is an informative and innovative multidisciplinary conference which offers more than 130 workshops presented by internationally recognized experts from all facets of the child maltreatment field. Professionals receive practical instruction, the latest research and information, and the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge.

This is one of the few conferences that addresses all aspects of child maltreatment, including but not limited to physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, exposure to violence, poly victimization, exploitation, intervention, trafficking, and prevention.

The International Symposium on Child Abuse is a premiere conference that provides expert training and numerous networking opportunities to professionals in the child maltreatment field.