Utah Bill passes House 74-0

Child Sexual Abuse
Bill sponsor Rep. Ken Ivory, R-West Jordan

Utah Bill eliminating statute of limitations in child sexual abuse cases passes House

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah House of Representatives unanimously passed HB277 Monday, which would eliminate the statute of limitations for lawsuits against perpetrators of child sexual abuse.

The bill, as amended by the House, applies only to perpetrators of child sex abuse as individuals.

Deondra Brown, co-founder of the nonprofit Foundation for Survivors of Abuse, was among a handful of supporters who sat with lawmakers as members of the House debated and voted on the bill. Other backers filled part of the House gallery.

The bill passed 74-0.

“It was so exciting for any of us who are victims to be able to see such support,” Brown said. “Today’s passage is another victory for victims across the state of Utah, so it’s an exciting day.”

The bill moves the Senate for its consideration.

Brown said she and her sister Desirae established their foundation to provide hope, encouragement and empowerment to survivors of abuse by working to remove the statute of limitations for crimes of sexual abuse.

Three Brown sisters, members of the 5 Browns classical piano quintet, were molested by their father as children. In 2010, the siblings sought criminal charges against their father, who had also been their professional manager.

In March 2011, Keith Brown was sentenced to 10 years to life for sodomy on a child, a first-degree felony, and one to 15 years each of two counts of sex abuse of a child, a second-degree felony. The sodomy and abuse incidents occurred when each of the girls was 13 or younger.

Deondra Brown also has testified at committee meetings as the bill has gone through the legislative process.

Each time she and her sisters have shared their experiences, they are contacted by other people who have experienced sexual abuse as children, who offer their support and thanks to the Browns for their advocacy work.

“It sort of lifts you through the difficult times,” she said.  As a mother of a 4-year-old daughter, Brown said she feels an even greater responsibility to help protect children by raising awareness and working to pass legislation that holds people who molest children to account.

She called the birth of her child a “huge blessing.”  “I look at her and I’m constantly reminded why I’m doing this,” she said. “I look at my daughter and think, ‘I’m doing this for you so the world is safer.’”

Bill sponsor Rep. Ken Ivory, R-West Jordan, whose wife Rebecca testified to the House Judiciary Committee that she was sexually abused by a school teacher during her childhood, told House members that the emotional scars of child sexual abuse “never fully heal.”

Innocent victims end up paying the price of molestation for a lifetime in term of lost productivity, the toll on their mental and physical health and challenges it presents in their personal relationships, he said.

Ivory said the statute of limitations for lawsuits needs to be eliminated to allow victims of child sexual abuse time to heal and gain the courage and maturity to hold their abusers to account.

On average, it takes a victim until to age 40 to come forward with allegations of child sexual abuse. It can take decades to overcome feelings of shame, humiliation and even fear of retribution, he said.

Current law limits civil actions to four years after a victim’s 18th birthday or if older, within four years of discovering the abuse.
“It is often said that justice delayed is justice denied. When it comes to abuse of children, justice not delayed is justice denied,” Ivory said.

Brown said she looks forward to the Utah Senate’s consideration of the bill.  “Hopefully this is going all the way to the governor’s desk,” she said.

Pennsylvania School District failed to report Teacher Molesting 8-yr-olds

A strange thought occurred to me and I couldn’t help but sit and wonder.

I know nothing of atheist, but as I sat looking at this headline, this thought occurred to me:  I wonder who atheist blame, since I have heard time and time again “The Devil made me do it”.

Everyone, or most people anyway, seem to have the notion that Our Children are protected by laws.  On the contrary, Pennsylvania has just reworked many of their laws concerning Children and Maltreatment, yet here is what I found in Courthouse News….

PHILADELPHIA – Southeast Delco School District ignored and failed to report complaints of an elementary teacher’s abuse of little girls, allowing him to sexually molest two 8-year-olds, the parents claim in Federal Court.

Child protection bills roll through New Mexico Legislature

SANTA FE, N.M. — The hot-button issues of abortion, right-to-work and driver’s licenses for people suspected of being in the country illegally have led to a string of largely party-line votes during the first half of what has been a rancorous legislative session.

But Republicans and Democrats in New Mexico have been able to find common ground on at least one key issue: keeping children safe and cracking down on those who hurt them.

Their unity is driven in part by a series of recent high-profile child abuse cases and a desire to overcome New Mexico’s position on the wrong end of the rankings when it comes to child well-being.

Federal data shows New Mexico had one of the steepest increases in child victims between 2009 and 2013, putting the state in the top five nationally. The number of registered sex offenders reported by the state in 2014 was nearly 6,700, with a per capita figure of 325 that places New Mexico among the top 12 in the US, according to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

The bills tackling crimes against children are “non-partisan issues and from our perspective it’s part and parcel of making kids’ lives a little bit more secure,” said House Minority Leader Brian Egolf, D-Santa Fe, whose bill to clarify a law requiring the reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect to authorities has cleared the House.

Republican Gov. Susana Martinez and a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers have been pushing for clarification of the reporting law since an appellate court ruled in 2013 to narrow the list of people who had a duty to report abuse.

“Every single person in our state should be required to protect our children and report child abuse if they know or suspect it to be occurring,” Martinez said in a statement.

The spotlight on child abuse and neglect continued with the case of Omaree Varela, a 9-year-old Albuquerque boy who police say was kicked to death by his mother in December 2013.

Bills were introduced “in response to widespread outrage over things that were happening to our children,” Egolf said. “It was not just Omaree Varela but hundreds of kids who don’t make it into the news.”

The latest bill to pass the House this week was one by Rep. Sharon Clahchischilliage, R-Kirtland, that aims to crack down on sexual predators attempting to secretly view or record a person’s intimate parts. She said the measure is designed to protect families.

Caleb Kimpel, a writer and researcher with the Phoenix-based child abuse prevention organization Childhelp, said laws are necessary but they have to be backed up with the means needed for enforcement.

“It’s important to add personnel and resources to respond to more victims in need,” he said.

Both the governor’s office and the Legislative Finance Committee have made child welfare a priority in proposed spending plans for the state for the next fiscal year. This includes funding for more social workers and programs that would encourage law enforcement agencies to work with advocates to keep abuse cases from falling through the cracks.

Other child protection measures cruising through the Legislature would:

  • make it mandatory for parents or guardians to receive court-ordered family services when there is strong evidence of child neglect or abuse, even when the victim is not taken into state custody.
  • require cellphone and pager companies to issue Amber Alerts about missing children to their customers.
  • make it a crime to send naked pictures of people to anyone under 16.
  • revise penalties for sexual exploitation of children by prostitution.

Georgia, your Crony Lawmakers are Wanting To Keep Children As Sex Objects

Child Sex Abuse
Georgia Families for Justice

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A Good Friend, Alan Fountain, who is a member of Our Circle, has worked tirelessly to get this Bill passed, because it is NO SECRET, Our Children have been left intentionally unprotected since the first days of man on this earth.  Pennsylvania has already made the big first step in changing their laws, with West Virginia apparently right behind, followed by Iowa, Utah, and Wyoming headed in the right direction apparently.

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