Judge Says Child Rapist Didn’t Mean To Hurt The 3-Year-Old He Sodomized

 I couldn’t turn my back and just act like I didn’t see this, as bad as I wanted to, but there is nothing that says I have to open this and read the rest of the post.  This is going to be one that visits me with Raashanai and Our Scotty.

This is one reason we are here, and WE MUST BE VIGILANT!!!!

Judge Says Child Rapist Didn’t Mean To Hurt The 3-Year-Old He Sodomized.

5 thoughts on “Judge Says Child Rapist Didn’t Mean To Hurt The 3-Year-Old He Sodomized”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Robert. And btw, I love your motto: ” Ignorance is one thing, but stupidity is unacceptable!!!!”

    1. Mandy, I had almost forgotten this, and a Guardian Angel helped me remember today when I needed it most:
      Before Facebook, yahoo and yahoo blogs was the thing. It was a very bad time, my 3rd son had barely survived being beat to death. I was a dinosaur and nobody liked me, because suddenly my youth came roaring back with all the abuse, and that was not going to happen to me and my brother ever again.
      I hadn’t noticed that a bunch of bullys and hecklers was really coming down on these people until they started picking on me.
      I started researching these people and I realized just what these bullys had been doing. Then I told them to bother me all they wanted, but leave these other people alone, or I would knock on their door and stop it face to face.
      Well that got everybody’s attention, but these idiots didn’t stop.
      I was a savy Computer Professional in those days Mandy, but no one listened. So I knocked on several doors, in several different towns and cities in the U.S.A.
      To make a long story short, this group of Real Ladies adopted me, and I am still part of their group on Facebook, oh and a couple have followed me to Google.
      Mandy you are a Dear Friend now, but now I find that you are My Guardian Angel also.

  2. Robert, I write this a bit teary-eyed, not only from the special place you’ve given me in your life, but the abuse you, your brother, and then son endured. I’m glad you found the courage to stand up to those bullies. Taking a stand in the name of justice is more important that being liked. I’ve noticed a number of people on FB have unfriended me, followers on WP have unfollowed. They aren’t comfortable with the abuse topics I post. The topics are pretty icky, I admit. When I think about stopping, I think about each victim who endured abuse–I know that was icky for them, too. Thank you, Robert. You are an angel, too <3

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