Dwight Howard Not Charged With Child Abuse

.jpg of Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard, Center for the Houston Rockets

First, I’d like to say that I am glad these charges were unsubstantiated.  Few professional ball players seem to care very little these days about being good role models for Our Children.

In my opinion Dwight Howard is a class-act, and a very good man.

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Houston Rockets player Dwight Howard will not be charged in a child abuse case after his ex-girlfriend claimed he beat their 7-year-old son.

“We have investigated this case and are not moving forward with charges,” said Sgt. Greg Lyon, Atlanta Police Department, in a statement released to KPRC.

The mother of one of Howard’s children made the allegations last year. The mother claimed the incident happened on Oct. 1 in Cobb County, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta.

Police at first looked into the allegations in Florida, where the child’s mother lives, but didn’t find anything. Afterward, the child’s mother tried to get charges filed in Atlanta.

From the beginning, Howard’s attorney says the claims were not substantiated.

His attorney, David Oscar Markus, issued a statement to KPRC 2 News that read:

“The Florida Department of Children and Families thoroughly examined all of the evidence and determined that the claims of child abuse were not substantiated. The case was closed in September. [The child’s mother] is now shopping her baseless allegations to authorities in Georgia after the Florida DCF case was closed. Even though the allegations have already been found to have no merit, when a complaint about the welfare of a child is made to law enforcement, an investigation is commenced. We are confident the Georgia authorities will reach the same conclusion as the Florida authorities. The truth is on our side. It is appalling to see a mother use her son as a pawn against his father in attempt to extract money, which is what is happening in this case. While [the child’s mother] continues on her aimless quest with the media, Dwight Howard will continue to act in the best interest of his children and do whatever is necessary to protect them.”