San Antonio Man Arrested For Child Abuse

.jpg photo of man arrested for Child Abuse
Felicio Hernandez Flores II

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Thanks to a tip from a little boy’s school, a relative was arrested, accused of beating the boy and trying to humiliate him at his school.

The man is out on $15,000 bail.  A photo we opted not to air, shows deep flesh wounds on the boy’s back and leg.  This all was discovered after the boy’s school alerted authorities.

Felicio Hernandez Flores II is the man Live Oak Police say beat his 9-year-old relative with a back scratcher and phone cord.

Flores is also accused of sending the boy to school with a unique haircut and wearing formal clothes, as a way to try embarrass him in front of his classmates.

The 31-year-old was arrested on the 8100 block of Shin Oak Drive.

School officials were first alarmed when the boy said he simply couldn’t take part in his P.E. class because he was hurt.  That’s when the school sprang into action.

According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, schools have out-reported any other group when it comes to child abuse.

That includes law enforcement, parents or relatives.  In fact, last year alone, schools accounted for nearly one fifth of all reports.

John Lennan, from the department, said he couldn’t comment on this case directly but says teachers are specially trained to look out for warning signs of abuse.

“Unfortunately, for a child being abused and neglected, the classroom might be the child’s only safe haven,” Lennan said.
The Live Oak Police Department tells Fox News that the boy is doing OK, and described him as “sweet” and “embarrassed.”

2 thoughts on “San Antonio Man Arrested For Child Abuse”

  1. I’m not stalking your site, I promise. You’ve just posted some very interesting things. (I don’t normally reply to everything I read.)

    My grandmother used to chop her girls’ hair completely off whenever she was mad at them. My mother and her two sisters all have 12 years of school photos with their hair barely an inch long in places and raggedy in other places. She also deliberately made them wear hideous clothes thirty years out of fashion. It’s disgraceful and sad that no one stepped in to stop my grandmother or protect her children from her because this visible abuse was just the tip of the iceberg.

    I don’t know how you feel about curse words but the monsters who do this to children are just a bunch of f**kers who have no right to be breathing, let alone be around children.

    My mom, being horribly abused herself, only continued the chain of abuse when she had her children. Not a reasonable excuse by any means, but she didn’t know any better and she never felt a desire to “overthink” or overcome our situation.

    This type of thing, treating children as possessions instead of as true humans, is so heartbreaking and so deplorable. 🙁

    1. I’m going to tell you something, and you use it or lose it.
      I’m sorry about your Mother and her sisters. Everybody loves BS excuses like “my Daddy drinked, so that’s why I’m an alcoholic”, and most everybody feels like somebody owes them a living, A Man or an Adult is supposed to work, support yourself, and the family you’ll be wanting to have. But you always help your family you friends, people down on their luck, and you Thank GOD for being able to do it.
      But something really missing now days, and that is RESPONSIBILITY. If you do it, own up to it, good or bad.
      But Child Abuse didn’t start with your Mom and GrandMother, it’s been her since the first man and woman, and 7,000 or whatever years later, Children are still unprotected..
      Maybe you will do something good for the Children of this world.
      Thank You for your input,

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