Planned Parenthood Caught Giving Children Abortions

Partners in crime: Planned Parenthood caught on tape providing secret abortions and other aid to child sex-trafficking rings.

Now does everybody see why we can’t get any laws passed to protect Our Children????

Now if you throw this in here, it makes things look a whole lot worst.

U.S. Jails Sex-Trafficked Kids

If memory serves me correctly, I believe a little over 150 was the most Juvies jailed here in Dallas in a year.

You know that stat was hard to swallow, since in-effect, after throwing Children in jail for prostitution, you more or less take away their last hope of  getting away from the slavers and going home and being good kids.  Because how is a kid going home with prostitution on their record????

BUT, after they are jailed, the pimp just has to sit and wait….

Let’s move right on over here.  In the Demanding Justice Report 2014, a study which was led by Ms Linda Smith
President and Founder, Shared Hope International
U.S. Congress 1995-99, Washington State Senate/House 1983-94

This was a study of supply and demand of Sex Slaves, but especially about Child Sex SlavesWe learned that the Law is really good about arresting the victim, but they arrest the slavers sometimes.  Although they NEVER ARREST ANY BUYERS OF CHILD SEX.

We also learned most people call this a “VICTIMLESS CRIME”.

Maybe we see why Alan Fountain had such a tough time getting over 200 signatures on his petition for Georgia.  I got news for you, that was just 1 state, there is still about 49 states or so to go.

NOW does everybody see just how screwed up Planned Parenthood made this????

Now we know 57,500,000 is a flawed number also, the number since Roe v. Wade in 1973, is more near 70,000,000 DEAD CHILDREN.


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