Child Abuse cases tied to drugs growing problem in Iowa

.jpg photo of candy mixed with drugs
Children are being exposed to candy laced with drugs

DES MOINES, Iowa —State officials said they’re seeing more child abuse cases where children are exposed to illegal drugs at an early age.

The problem has grown so much that Wednesday Gov. Terry Branstad proclaimed an awareness day to draw attention to the issue.

Just last week, a 1-year-old boy living in a Newton apartment tested positive for methamphetamine. The couple charged with caring for the baby were arrested and charged.

Also this month, Deshawn Trombone was arrested and charged in connection with the drug overdose that killed a 5-year-old girl in the Vine Street Lofts in downtown Des Moines.

Blank Children’s Hospital Child Protection Center deals with the young, innocent victims. They see new victims exposed to drugs every day.

Young children can grab and ingest the drugs or be exposed to the smoke or chemicals.

State official said they are seizing more candy that contains illegal drugs, especially after the legalization of marijuana around the country.

Last year, Iowa Drug Enforcement Task Forces referred 300-cases to the Department of Human Services. DHS reports 1,334 cases of drug related child abuse. The children were often neglected in deplorable living conditions.

Iowans are being urged to call authorities immediately if you suspect a child may be in danger due to drug use.