Childhood Trauma Leads to Brains Wired for Fear

I happened to notice one of Our Good Friends had reblogged this from SilverGirl, and I knew it was time for a reblog also.  I have included the link to the first time we posted this.

This cannot be said enough, until people wakeup and see that Our Great Country will never make it another 300 years.  Because Our Children are the Future of Our Country.

The out-of-control Violence in Our Country has to be addressed before any and all forms of Child Abuse can hope to be affected.

The day when we as people wakeup and decide that Our Children should come before anything, and the defense of Our Country should be paramount also, is the day when laws will be enacted making it a felony for committing a Violent act in front of a Child and anywhere it can be witnessed by a Child.

After a time, all forms of Child Abuse will begin to decrease in frequency, and that includes Bullying, but Domestic Violence will also decrease proportionately, along with Elder Abuse, School Violence, suicide, drug dependency, alcohol abuse, and all crime will drop to some extent.

Now, you decide what is important to you….