A Birthday Party Interupted By Cronys

I felt the pride deep down, and I couldn’t help but feel a satisfaction that made my mouth hurt from smiling so much, and Frank was smiling just as big as I was.

I was going to call Alan Fountain, who had worked tirelessly for months in Georgia.

As I started reading the article, I couldn’t help but remember Alan telling me about all the Children who had been sexually abused by perverted, sub-human, good old boys that had the protection of a whole bunch of cronys, that just happened to be elected law makers on the payroll of WE THE PEOPLE!!!!

I would never have had the idea that NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! was part of the reason that I was reading about a new bill in Georgia to end Child Sex Trafficking, but after THE CARE HOUSE in South Carolina had communicated with us, I actually felt like we were doing some good for Our Children.

Then my heart hit the ground.

I want to ask all of you that are good people, PLEASE HELP OUR CHILDREN!!!!  You will have to read my next post and make up your own mind;  are you on the side of Good People and care for Our Children, or are you on the CRONYS SIDE AND PLAY ON THE GOOD OLD BOYS TEAM!!!!

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