Children To Serve In Armed Forces At 5 Years Old

.jpg photo of Child in military uniform
Our Children need to be protected

In the early morning hours, under cover of darkness, the vote was called for.

In what will be remembered as the end of parental responsibility, history was made when 3 votes were called in rapid succession.  The outcome made history as the vote YAY ruled the night 150 – 0 over the NAY sayers, in all 3 votes.

The results of the nights voting are as follows:

#1 – All Children will begin Military service at 5 years of age, and serve until their 18th birthday.

#2 – Legal voting age is now 13 years of age.

#3 – Alcohol and Drugs may now be purchased at 13 years of age, this includes all over-the-counter drugs, and all previously considered illicit and illegal drugs.

Why would anyone balk at this????  You have allowed  Our Children to remain unprotected while perverse individuals impose their perverse ideas and whims on Our Children.

What will you do now that they propose to teach Our Children that males are not males and females are not females in Our Public Schools????