10 Reasons Why Kids Without Dads Are at a Big Disadvantage

Children need a good, stable, loving, family environment to learn from birth, the meaning of love and to be loved, while being taught truth and honor, respect and being respected, how to be a friend, to be courteous, manners, duty to family, friends, and in the community, responsibility, and the traits of a good family member, parent, citizen, and have a good balanced diet, while being educated, as every child deserves.

Children's Rights

All Pro Dad 10 Reasons Why Kids Without Dads Are at a Big Disadvantage

1. Balance: Mothers are amazing. Fathers are amazing too. But we were created to learn and grow as balanced people. Dad is a unique piece of that puzzle.

2. Parenting at best is a tag-team sport: Reality check – Father does not know best – and neither does Mother. But between them, employing their complimentary gifts, more often than not, they’ll get it right.

3. Mom’s missing something too: We’re not saying a woman is incomplete without a man. What we are saying is that kids miss out twice when there’s no father in the home. Kids whose mom is loved eloquently by their dad have the advantage of a mother who’s loved by a good man. Every child should live in a home like that.

4. Modeling for boys: Boys need to see what it…

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