AZ Parents Face Child Abuse Charges After 3-year-old Dies

DCS confirms they took custody of Alexandra when she was born after her mom tested positive for amphetamines

Phoenix, AZ – He denied abusing his 3-year-old daughter, but police say he locked her up in a bedroom and forced her to wear a dog collar.

She weighed all of 15 pounds, her body was covered in bruises, and still he says he didn’t do it.

Carlos Cruz says he would be crazy to beat or kill his 3-year-old little girl Alexandra, but admits he and his wife Rosemary Velazco didn’t take Alexandra to the doctor when she got sick this weekend.

He says he was afraid the Department of Child Safety would take his daughter away like they did when she was born in 2011. On Saturday night, the girl’s uncle called 9-1-1.

Police say the girl was malnourished, covered in bruises, with cuts on her head and a broken knee. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Ramon Velazco admits the girl’s weight was a red flag but says he was unable to help.

“I couldn’t really do nothing,” said Ramon Velazco.

DCS confirms they took custody of Alexandra when she was born after her mom tested positive for amphetamines. Months later a judge gave her parents custody after taking substance abuse classes. Rosemary declined a jailhouse interview but did have something to say during her first court hearing.

“I understand what you mean right now. I’m in good eyes to you. You don’t have no good eyes. I’m not a good person right now,” said Rosemary Velazco.

DCS says they closed the initial investigation into the couple on July 10, 2012 after the parents completed substance abuse and parent aide classes.

Bond was set Tuesday at $500,000 apiece for 28-year-old Carlos Cruz and 36-year-old Rosemary Velazco.

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