Anger Management – When To Seek Help

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Anger Management –
When To Seek Help

When to seek help for anger management and control

If your anger is still spiraling out of control, despite putting the previous anger management techniques into practice, or if you’re getting into trouble with the law or hurting others—you need more help. There are many therapists, classes, and programs for people with anger management problems. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. You’ll often find others in the same shoes, and getting direct feedback on techniques for controlling anger can be tremendously helpful.

Consider professional help if:

  • You feel constantly frustrated and angry no matter what you try.
  • Your temper causes problems at work or in your relationships.
  • You avoid new events and people because you feel like you can’t control your temper.
  • You have gotten in trouble with the law due to your anger.Your anger has ever led to physical violence.
  • Your anger has ever led to physical violence.

Therapy for anger problems.  Therapy can be a great way to explore the reasons behind your anger.  If you don’t know why you are getting angry, it’s very hard to control.  Therapy provides a safe environment to learn more about your reasons and identify triggers for your anger.  It’s also a safe place to practice new skills in expressing your anger.

Anger management classes or groups.  Anger management classes or groups allow you to see others coping with the same struggles. You will also learn tips and techniques for managing your anger and hear other people’s stories.  For domestic violence issues, traditional anger management is usually not recommended.  There are special classes that go to the issue of power and control that are at the heart of domestic violence.

If your loved one has an anger management problem

If your loved one has an anger problem, you probably feel like you’re walking on eggshells all the time.  But always remember that you are not to blame for your loved one’s anger.  There is never an excuse for physically or verbally abusive behavior.  You have a right to be treated with respect and to live without fear of an angry outburst or a violent rage.

Tips for dealing with a loved one’s anger management problem

While you can’t control another person’s anger, you can control how you respond to it:

  • Set clear boundaries about what you will and will not tolerate.
  • Wait for a time when you are both calm to talk to your loved one about the anger problem.  Don’t bring it up when either one of you is already angry.
  • Remove yourself from the situation if your loved one does not calm down.
  • Consider counseling or therapy for yourself if you are having a hard time standing up for yourself.
  • Put your safety first.  Trust your instincts.  If you feel unsafe or threatened in any way, get away from your loved one and go somewhere safe.

Anger isn’t the real problem in abusive relationships

Despite what many people believe, domestic violence and abuse is not due to the abuser’s loss of control over his behavior and temper.  In fact, abusive behavior is a deliberate choice for the sole purpose of controlling you.  If you are in an abusive relationship, know that couples counseling is not recommended—and that your partner needs specialized treatment, not regular anger management classes.


NY State agency 5 years behind reporting on Child Abuse deaths

All I want to say is that you can run, but you can’t hide.  But I hope you all realize that each year these reports are not filed, it gets a little easier to ADJUST THE NUMBERS!!!!

New York  –  The state agency charged with monitoring child abuse investigations has failed to file required annual reports for the past five years about child abuse-related deaths.

The delay comes as the number of child abuse-related deaths statewide has increased, according to state records.

Clergy Bashing, Lemmings, Stupidity, and New York

There is a price for everything in life, including mass stupidity, as per status quo.

I have been purposely stonewalled by New York and I am not too happy at the moment.

I have been forced to read what so many Lemmings believe, just so I could have the satisfaction of saying “I warned you about Clergy Bashing New York, in your many attempts at cover-ups”.

I read about “Massive Climate Change”, while noticing in the same article that Houston Texas received 10″ of rain in a very short time, but no mention of “Global Warming”.  I was forced to read a napkin telling me that:  the 2 double meat and cheese burgers, extra large fries, 2 large onion rings, and 32 oz “Suicide” that I am paying for with MY money, and I am eating while the house sleeps, has who knows how much sodium now because I just DOUBLED THAT.

HAVE ANY OF YOU EVER HEARD OF CLOUD-SEEDING????  Just so  there are no cover-ups here, LIST the areas you know for a fact that cloud-seeding is used.

For you “clean energy” and “the ozone layer” idiots:  tell everyone around you how to measure ozone, now list how much there was in the year 1,000 BC, next how much in 1900 AD, now admit you have never heard of “Catatumbo Lightning”. While you are learning how little you really know, be sure to read how much OZONE IS PRODUCED in this one area.

Now, list how many families are making below the poverty level this year because 1 KWH of electricity now costs at least $1.75, but with coal it costs $0.03 for 1 KWH.  The ethanol in your bio-fuel that is eating everything in our atmosphere, including your tires and seat-covers, is part of the reason for world hunger.  List how many products are made from corn, now list where over half the corn produced is going.

How do we get fresh water?  How is the air cleaned?  I hope you enjoy the next post….