New bill aims to end Child Sex Trafficking in Georgia

.jpg photoabout Child Sex Slavery
New Child Sex Trafficking Bill in Georgia

  I want each and every one of you to look at their numbers, first of all $33,000 weekly is $1,716,000 a year, now how is a $5,000 tax per year going to stop these people from addicting Our Children to the same drugs that part of them just got busted with, and how is it going to stop the GOOD OLD BOYS FROM RAPEING OUR CHILDREN!!!!  HOW IS THIS JUSTICE????  ≠  >>>———->   WE THE PEOPLE!!!!

COLUMBUS, GA  –  Georgia is home to the city named the capital of sexual exploitation in the U.S., and this week Governor Nathan Deal is taking a step to crack down on human trafficking and child slavery.

Governor Nathan Deal and human trafficking rescue groups both agree something needs to be done stop the issue, but they disagree on how to fix the problem.

Governor Deal wants to put the business of human traffickers taking advantage of children to an end.

“The legislature thought that this was an appropriate thing to do and I agree. The sex trafficking issue is one that our state continues to wrestle with,” said Deal.

The legislation signed Tuesday, also known as Rachel’s-Safe Harbor Law, cracks down on sexual exploitation of children by making adult entertainments such as strip clubs pay $5,000 annually if they are convicted of this crime and $2,000 for traffickers if the victim was 18 years and older.

Governor Deal says the state is constantly trying to fight this issue.
“Last year we had a legislation that requires the posting of noticing for individuals who want to get out sex trade or trapped in it,” said Governor Deal.

Bishop Outreach, a nationwide human trafficking rescue organization, doesn’t necessarily know if this will make the crime go away.

“We have to break the cycle of how human trafficking works, not only in the United States but globally. The only way to do it is to have key specialists who work with victims to be able to keep them safe and rehabilitate them,” said Garry Marino of Bishop Outreach.
Lawmakers have said the money will be put in a fund to help kids forced into prostitution.

“I’m skeptical in a sense you’re going to tax adult facilities, is that money going to be used for the rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking and will a system be put in place or does it become a revolving door,” said Marino.

Under the new law, sexually exploited children will be treated as victims and not criminals.

Atlanta’s underground market for sex trafficking is pretty lucrative, bringing in more than $290,000 compared to a city like Washington that does not even bring in half that figure.

Studies say Atlanta pimps make an average of $33,000 a week which is almost three times that of pimps in San Diego or Dallas.

In January 2014, Columbus had it own case of sex trafficking, where a 15-year-old went missing for over month. Thankfully, she was returned to her family.

Mayor of Columbus Teresa Tomlinson has stated in a previous interview Columbus does not have a sex trafficking issue in reference to kids being kidnapped and sold into the sex trade, and that is according to information she received from investigators. She acknowledges there is sex trafficking in our area, involving minors being forced into prostitution. 

A Birthday Party Interupted By Cronys

I felt the pride deep down, and I couldn’t help but feel a satisfaction that made my mouth hurt from smiling so much, and Frank was smiling just as big as I was.

I was going to call Alan Fountain, who had worked tirelessly for months in Georgia.

As I started reading the article, I couldn’t help but remember Alan telling me about all the Children who had been sexually abused by perverted, sub-human, good old boys that had the protection of a whole bunch of cronys, that just happened to be elected law makers on the payroll of WE THE PEOPLE!!!!

I would never have had the idea that NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! was part of the reason that I was reading about a new bill in Georgia to end Child Sex Trafficking, but after THE CARE HOUSE in South Carolina had communicated with us, I actually felt like we were doing some good for Our Children.

Then my heart hit the ground.

I want to ask all of you that are good people, PLEASE HELP OUR CHILDREN!!!!  You will have to read my next post and make up your own mind;  are you on the side of Good People and care for Our Children, or are you on the CRONYS SIDE AND PLAY ON THE GOOD OLD BOYS TEAM!!!!

Baltimore Jails 40 Minors

.jpg photo of Police at demonstration
Baltimore Police sprays Pepper Spray to disperse crows

During three days following Freddie Gray’s funeral, almost 50 children were held despite 39 of them meeting standards for release, public defender office says.

At least 49 children were arrested during three days of civil unrest and protest that engulfed Baltimore last week, nearly half of whom were never charged with an offence, the city’s Office of the Public Defender (OPD) has said.

The public defender office stated that all 49, arrested between 27-29 April, were detained for up to 48 hours by the Maryland department of juvenile services (DJS), despite 39 of them meeting standards for release.

Baltimore is part of the Annie E Casey Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI), which aims to reduce juvenile detention by measuring an arrested child’s risk level and producing an objective recommendation on whether they should remain detained. The OPD has accused the DJS, tasked with making release recommendations to the juvenile court, of ignoring the JDAI procedures and keeping all 49 children detained.

In one stark example, an elementary school fifth grader was arrested in an incident described by the public defender’s office as “protest related”. He received a low JDAI score and was recommended for release, but instead, was kept in juvenile jail for a night. In a statement the OPD continued: “The young boy was then brought to court in chains — hands and feet shackled — before finally being released to his parents.”

A spokesman for the DJS told the Guardian that the delay in releasing many of the children detained resulted from court closures and pointed out that four of the 37 children arrested during Monday’s rioting were sent to sheltered accommodation rather than jail.

“The Department of Juvenile Services looks out for the best interests of community safety and the best interests of the youths themselves,” said the spokesman. “At the time [of the arrests] Baltimore was under a state of emergency and in a very unstable state so DIJ chose to hold onto the youth until a judge was able to see them.”

The spokesman pointed out that a JDAI score did not mandate for a release, but an assessment tool for use of the court.

The DJS could not comment on the 49 arrests, but a spokesman for the Baltimore police told the Guardian that between 25 April and 3 May, 60 juveniles were arrested.

“We know that the consequences of putting a young child in jail, even for a short period of time, are dire,” said Melanie Shapiro, chief attorney for the juvenile division of the OPD.

“Many of these kids are already experiencing post-traumatic stress – from witnessing violence, experiencing hunger and being subjected to police harassment at very young ages. Now these kids have a juvenile record that can impact college admittance, employment and their ability to enroll in the military.”

During the unrest, Maryland governor Larry Hogan extended the legal period of detention without charge from 24 to 48 hours, prompting criticism from both the public defender office and civil rights groups who argued the executive action effectively suspended habeas corpus rights.

Around 100 adults arrested during the riots were subsequently released without charge after police failed to produce paperwork to bring them before a court.

Arlington Officers Save Lives in 3-Alarm Fire

.jpg Photo of Apartment Fire
Arlington Police Officers save lives, overcome by smoke

Arlington, Texas Two Arlington police officers are being credited with helping to save the lives of several residents of a burning apartment complex Tuesday.

A three-alarm fire was reported about 5:15 p.m. at the Woodland Park Apartments in the 2100 block of Valleywood Drive.

The two Arlington officers were in the area investigating an unrelated disturbance call, according to police, when they saw the smoke and went to investigate.

The officers – identified as Officer K. Johnson and Officer B. Cruz, according to an official police department release – “went inside of multiple units to ensure everyone was getting out safely,” police said.

Inside one of those apartments, Marci Savill was sleeping, along with her children – ages 4 and 18 months.

“There was police banging on the door,” Savill said, about how she woke up. “And I smelled fire immediately. When I went to the door with my daughter, because my daughter ran right after me, he grabbed my daughter, took her across the street, and I had to run back in and get my son.”

Two doors down, neighbor Chris Partlow told NBC 5 he was walking back to his apartment from a nearby laundromat when he saw the smoke.

“I just had to run up there, grab them and go,” Partlow said about his friend and his friend’s twin 10-month-olds. “It was just a spur-of-the-moment thing.”

Partlow stood and watched as members of the Arlington Fire Department took control of the flames, holding on tightly to the twins, MJ and Lauren, dressed only in their diapers.

“These two right here are safe now. That’s all that matters,” Partlow said.

Officers Johnson and Cruz were each taken to an area hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation.

“The officers entered the structure, into the smoke without breathing apparatus and were overcome by the smoke,” Arlington Assistant Fire Chief Bill McQuatters said.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, according to McQuatters.

Multiple residents of the apartments reported that their smoke detectors did not sound at any point during the fire – something the fire department is investigating.

“I’m sure the apartment complex has smoke detectors,” McQuatters said. “Just don’t know if they were working, or if there was enough smoke in there to cause them to go off.”

The fire destroyed four units of the 16-apartment building, according to the fire department.

All 47 people who live in the building were kept out of their home Tuesday night, until power and other utilities could be restored.

Teams from the American Red Cross-North Texas Region responded to assist the residents with food, clothing and other immediate needs, according to Anita Foster of the Red Cross, including shelter for those who cannot find an apartment within the same complex.


.jpg photo of Missing Childtren Stamp
New “Forget-Me-Not” stamp

I just received this email, and want to share it with Our Circle.  Due to the date, I felt this should be shared immediately, so all of you could take advantage of the release of this beautiful stamp.

Together We Can Help Stamp Out Missing Child Cases

Dear Friend,

National Missing Children’s Day — May 25 — is taking on added meaning this year thanks to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s long-standing partners, Valassis and the U.S. Postal Service.

They’re helping us get the word out about our commitment to reunite missing children with their families by issuing a new “Forget-Me-Not” stamp featuring the phrase “Help Find Missing Children.”

Designed by Ethel Kessler, this striking stamp features a photograph by Harald Biebel showing a small bouquet of forget-me-nots with a lone flower off to the side to represent the child who has been separated from their loved ones and needs our help.

This special stamp will be issued on May 18 as part of the U.S. Postal Service’s Forever series which provides First-Class postage in perpetuity. And it reminds us that we will never forget and never stop searching for any missing child.

Sadly, there are new cases of missing children every day. These children and their families are counting on us. And we know the support and hope we provide simply wouldn’t be possible without friends like you who contribute so generously to our cause.

I urge you to join me in applauding the U.S. Postal Service for their ongoing efforts to help us assist law enforcement in searching for missing children. I also hope you will accept my deepest gratitude for your personal commitment to reuniting missing children with their families.

Robert Lowery, Jr.
Vice President, Missing Children Division