Stranger Danger Protection: The Secret Password – please pass it forward :)

I hope everyone will read this and PLEASE, PASS IT ALONG!!!!
I never would have believed the indifference toward Child Maltreatment that such a large percentage of people seem to have.

This was written by a Lady that I have very much respect for, although I have only recently started following her work.  I believe Our Circle will see her work in the future, and I want to say Thank You To Ms King for being so understanding, but moreso for being a really Good Mother.

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secret passwordA copy of a letter I sent to all of the primary schools to save children – simple and super-effective – Please pass it on

My son is 25 years old now and it has always amazed me at how many parents through those 25 years, and even now, who have no idea about the idea of the Secret Password.  I used to work as a National Intelligence Support Officer for the police.  I have had projects that have highlighted the danger our children are in while getting to and from school and this is an issue which is not going to go away. I have a simple solution that may help to keep children safer than they are now. My son was five and starting school, and with my background and experience I was very aware of the dangers of kerb crawlers and people who would snatch kids from…

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