Survey: BlackBerry Customer Satisfaction in U.S. Rising Faster than All Other Smartphone Makers

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The ACSI is the American Customer Satisfaction Index, an influential survey published by the University of Michigan that surveys more than 70,000 consumers in the U.S. on how happy they are with the products they own.

According to figures released by ACSI today, satisfaction among U.S. BlackBerry customers is growing faster than for any other smartphone brand, up 5% in a single year. That’s a continuation of a trend that sees BlackBerry U.S. customer satisfaction up 13% since ACSI began tracking BlackBerry customers in 2012. That total gain is also the largest among all smartphone brands, as you can see below:

acsi smartphone cust sat 2015

Source: ACSI

Some possible reasons why BlackBerry customer satisfaction is rising: the things at which BlackBerry devices excel are the things with which consumers remain disenchanted.

For instance, consumers rated satisfaction with battery life the lowest among all factors. Well, all BlackBerry, devices perform well, from…

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