Woman Records Alleged Child Abuse, Shares On FB

.jpg photo of woman reporting Child Abuse
Rachael Bellamy

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas – Authorities in Texas are investigating after a woman recorded a stranger abusing a child and then posted the video to social media, reports CBS DFW.

“That child was abused. And I needed to be able to show that,”

Rachael Bellamy, who recorded the incident on her cell phone, told the station. “She took her hands, grabbed the child by the face, squeezed it tight. The child started to cry and some rice came out of his mouth.”

Bellamy said she is still disturbed by what she saw in a Grand Prairie restaurant.

“I just keep picturing that sweet baby’s face,” she said.

Bellamy’s decision to make the video public, however, has some people questioning whether it was the right thing to do.

“We would encourage people not to report crimes, especially in progress in this case, through a social media platform,” Grand Prairie police spokesperson Lyle Gensler told the station. “It kind of could ruin our investigation once we start looking into it.”

Bellamy told CBS DFW she decided to record and post the incident because she didn’t want to confront the woman and “it’s the quickest way to get results and to spread any sort of message or get any kind of help you need.”

Gensler disagrees, according to the station, and says Good Samaritans should call police.

Bellamy said if the situation arises again, she will call 911 — but she doesn’t regret what she did.

“This isn’t about shaming the woman. It’s about getting help for the child,” she said.

According to the station, authorities have not yet determined if any abuse actually happened. The case will likely be forward to Child Protective Services.

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