Principal Failed To Report Child Sexual Abuse Immediately, Back On Job

.jpg photo of protesters
Mothers of students protest against Greta Hawkins

Coney Island, NY – Greta Hawkins, the Coney Island principal who once barred kids from singing “God Bless the USA,” was returned to PS 90 last week despite investigators finding she improperly handled a kid’s sexual-abuse claims.

“We are continuing to review this case and discipline is pending,” said Department of Education spokeswoman Devora Kaye.

Hawkins and assistant principal Gayle Gordon, who also returned to the school, were both suspended on May 14.

Hawkins failed to immediately report to child-welfare authorities, as required by law, that a student confided about sexual abuse at home.

Finally, cops received a 911 call from someone at the school. Detectives concluded the troubled child had fabricated a story to get attention.

The principals union insisted that Hawkins be returned, a demand the DOE did not fight, sources said.