Vigil Honors Boy Handcuffed And Killed For Eating Birthday Cake

Vigil Honors Boy,9

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Tonight a 9-year-old is remembered after he dies at the hands of abuse.

Jack Garcia only wanted a piece of birthday cake, but instead was beaten because he didn’t ask for permission.

As Marcus Washington reports, hundreds gathered Sunday night to honor the child’s life.

It’s a gathering to remember a life that was taken suddenly from this world.

Just three days after his 9th birthday police say his mother’s boyfriend 30-year-old Robert Wilson handcuffed Garcia as punishment for eating the cake.

He then allegedly pushed the boy around and struck him several times.

“No child should die at the hands of an abuser. Something has to be done,” said Melissa Williams.

Here in Hagerstown City Park, dozens of people gather to not only remember Jack Garcia, but stand up against abuse.

“We can no longer say it’s not in our community, it’s very real, it’s in our community. We have to make a change. We’ve had three incidents since the end of May. We can no longer turn our head,” Williams said.

For many people here, they didn’t know Jack, but they know something has to be done to raise awareness so that another child isn’t hurt or killed at the hands of abuse.

“I feel like it was important for me to be here, it was important for me to show my respect to Jack because he deserves it, said Alyssa Williams.

Wilson was arrested and charged with first degree assault and child abuse. 

2nd Woman Charged With Child Sexual Exploitation w/NYPD Sergeant

.jpg photo of NYPD Sergeant charged with child sex exploitation
Sgt. Alberto Randazzo

A Massachusetts woman allegedly drugged and molested an 8-year-old boy during sickening Skype sessions with a disgraced NYPD sergeant, the Daily News has learned.

The woman, whose name The News is withholding to protect the identity of the now-13-year-old victim, is the second woman charged with participating in the sexual exploitation of children with Sgt. Alberto Randazzo.

She was arrested Tuesday and ordered held without bail by a judge in Boston Federal Court. She will be extradited to Brooklyn, where Randazzo, 38, and another woman have been indicted for video sex with her 1-year-old.

Although Randazzo was arrested in 2013 by Internal Affairs Bureau investigators, the feds only recently discovered the Massachusetts connection, sources said.

Several computers were seized from Randazzo’s apartment in Long Island City, Queens, but apparently not all of the devices were analyzed, sources said.

Federal prosecutors, who took over the case from the Queens district attorney’s office, are expected to bring additional charges against Randazzo based on the newest findings.

The latest stomach-churning complaint, unsealed in Brooklyn Federal Court, contains transcripts of sex chats between Randazzo and the Massachusetts woman.

On July 5, 2011, the woman sent Randazzo a photo depicting her face and breasts.

“Omg, now I know why (the victim) is in love with them,” Randazzo responded.

The complaint does not specify the woman’s exact relationship with the boy, only that she had “regular access” to him and he stayed overnight at her home.

“He sleeps like a rock,” she texted on Sept. 10, 2011.

“I would want you to give him NyQuil anyways,” Randazzo allegedly replied.

“This way he’s sleeping and you can move him around, etc.”

There is no indication that Randazzo traveled to visit the woman in Massachusetts.

After she was arrested, the woman admitted to federal agents that she had sexually abused the boy during video chats with Randazzo in 2011 and 2012, according to court papers.

The woman also said that on more than one occasion, she doped the victim with Ambien, Benadryl and melatonin to put him into a deep sleep, according to the papers.

Randazzo’s lawyer declined to comment on the latest arrest.
The cop, a 15-year-old veteran of the Midtown North Precinct, is suspended without pay.

Randazzo was first arrested on state charges of having 23 despicable pictures of children as young as 1 involved in lewd acts.

While out on bail, he allegedly downloaded about 30 videos of child pornography.

Randazzo is being held without bail at Metropolitan Detention Center.